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Vicious Dungeon Rewards and Other Unique Items

Item Description Method of Obtaining

Avatar Symbol

Avatar Symbol.png

  • When below 25% health, this item adds 100% to your attack bonus.

Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield.png

  • Adds 18% to both physical and magical resistances.
  • Beat the Dragon Isles with any class and collect it from the boss.

Namtar's Ward

Namtar's Ward.png

  • Can be used once per level to give yourself death protection at the cost of 2 maximum mana.

Rock Heart

Rock Heart.png

  • Replenishes 2 Mana whenever a wall is destroyed.

Sensation Stone

Sensation Stone.png

  • No inherent effect, but can be converted for 225 conversion points.
  • Slay the Bridge Troll on the Havendale Bridge dungeon and carry it out with you.

Orb of Lusory

Orb of Lusory.png

  • Increases magic resistance by 50% when carried. Can be smashed (clicked) to remove all Illusion minions from the dungeon.