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Gnome.png Gnome

90 points = 1 Item: Mana potion Mana potion

Suggested Classes Thief, Sorcerer, Warlord, Assassin, Bloodmage
Lives in The Gnomestead
Class portraits
Gnome Fighter.pngGnome Berserker.pngGnome Warlord.png Gnome Thief.pngGnome Rogue.pngGnome Assassin.png
Gnome Priest.pngGnome Monk.pngGnome Paladin.png Gnome Wizard.pngGnome Sorcerer.pngGnome Bloodmage.png
Gnome Crusader.pngGnome Transmuter.pngGnome Tinker.png
The Gnome race is an excellent choice for spellcasters looking to "damage spike" the boss with a massive magical onslaught.


The gnome's extra mana potions make him a formidable spellcaster, but unlike the elf he can't leverage it over the long-term. Instead, a gnome can expend all his mana in one burst, which can be devastating to bosses. To get the most out of your mana potions, you will need to find a way to raise your maximum MP. This practically makes Jehora Jeheyu the patron deity of gnomes, and there is virtually no reason to worship any other god when playing a gnome.

Gnomes usually need to leverage class features and items that synergize well with mana potions. Items like the Trisword or Alchemist's Scroll, or classes like Warlord, Thief, or Bloodmage all make a great deal of sense for gnomes. The greatest difficulty a gnome will face is that he has absolutely no racial benefits outside of his expanded potion count, which will make him very weak in combat.

The best classes for gnomes are Warlords, Thieves, Assassins, Sorcerers, and Bloodmages.

Warlord The Warlord receives a temporary damage bonus every time he drinks a mana potion. If there was ever an obvious class/race synergy, this is it.

Thief With the ability to gain a modicum of healing every time he uses a mana potion, the Thief gains additional benefit from playing as a gnome.

Assassin The assassin is a surprisingly effective spellcaster, and with a way to raise his maximum MP he can be a superb choice for a gnome.

Sorcerer The gnome desperately needs to find ways to increase his mana pool, and the Sorcerer class gets this for free as a class feature.

Bloodmage Bloodmages get a 2% bonus to Sanguine by drinking a mana potion. By boosting Sanguine to great levels with mana potions and Dracul's boons, Gnome Bloodmages can get Sanguine above 40% easily. By conserving blood pools, you can get yourself to full health several times over, enough to conquer just about any boss.