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|[[File:GoblinHero.png]][[File:Goblin Monster Icon.png]]
|This article is about the playable race, for the monster see [[Goblin (Monster)]]
|This article is about the playable race, for the monster see [[Goblin (Monster)]]

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GoblinHero.pngGoblin Monster Icon.png This article is about the playable race, for the monster see Goblin (Monster)
GoblinHero.png Goblin

85 points = 5+1(stacking) XP

Suggested Classes Fighter, Assassin
Lives in Bigger Money Pit
Class portraits
Goblin Fighter.pngGoblin Berserker.pngGoblin Warlord.png Goblin Thief.pngGoblin Rogue.pngGoblin Assassin.png
Goblin Priest.pngGoblin Monk.pngGoblin Paladin.png Goblin Wizard.pngGoblin Sorcerer.pngGoblin Bloodmage.png
Goblin Crusader.pngGoblin Transmuter.pngGoblin Tinker.png
The Goblin is a race in Desktop Dungeons, unlocked after finding it in a sub dungeon and giving it 20 gold. You must survive the dungeon after finding it. Back in the kingdom, you must pay more gold to upgrade their building and be able to use them.


Goblins can use their racial bonus to raise themselves to a moderately high level relatively early on, allowing them to reduce the amount of exploration they are doing and conserve tiles for later. In the long-term, however, the other races will catch up to the goblin. Because of the way levels work in Desktop Dungeons, the goblin will receive less XP for defeating strong foes since he's a higher level, and in the long-run he'll end up losing almost as much experience as he gains! This means you must either take strong advantage of the goblin's racial advantage early, or else save all your conversions for late. The goblin is mostly useful for strategies that involve fighting the boss early, and is the hardest race to use effectively. The goblin will always be significantly weaker than a human, elf, dwarf, or orc of equal level.

The goblin is an exceptional race on any challenge dungeon where there is less XP than usual, enabling him to reach higher levels and become much stronger than the other races, and this is most pronounced on the Fighter and Assassin challenge dungeon, since the bosses in these dungeons are level 8 and 7 respectively.

The goblin's stacking conversion bonus works nicely with the sensation stone, but goblins are equally quite desperate for any combat-oriented items they can use to boost their otherwise weak performance. Unlike with orcs, it is generally unwise to convert the stone immediately as a goblin, and picking the right time to use it can be very difficult. Bringing a conventional locker item is often a better bet.

The best choices for the goblin are assassin and fighter.

Assassin: The assassin takes advantage of the goblin's high level combined with the SWIFT HAND skill, which allows you to instantly kill monsters of a lower level than you. This can be used in conjunction with Tikki Tooki, Dracul, Jehora Jeheyu, or Taurog for large amounts of easy piety. Start fighting the boss as early as possible, using repeated level-ups to keep your battle going. If the boss is vulnerable to poison, you can even continue exploring while fighting him. Due to the fact that the assassin can perform poison antics to gain lots of bonus XP at lower levels, it's advisable not to convert anything until after you've started fighting the boss, so all the extra level-ups (and the full heals that come with them) are used where they matter most.

Fighter: With a lower experience requirement to level up, the Goblin Fighter can get even more mileage out of his conversion bonus. However, neither the fighter nor the goblin have any bonuses that improve their performance in combat, so you'll desperately need to find some way to further boost your character's power.