Golem (Monster)

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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Golem
Golem Large.png
Golem Monster Icon.png
Attack.png 100%
Health.png 100%

The Golem is a foe that will flummox spellcasters who rely heavily on the BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ glyph due to its high magic resistance. Glyphs that target monsters, such as WEYTWUT.png WEYTWUT and APHEELSIK.png APHEELSIK also have a high chance of failure. However, the Golem is otherwise a mediocre foe and can be easily defeated by physical means.

The PISORF.png PISORF glyph completely ignores magic resistance, and will allow spellcaster-type characters to easily defeat them (provided there's a wall to crush them against). Any glyphs that help the player instead of hurting the monster will also be unaffected by this magic resistance. This means that a character that has any other means of boosting his combat performance other than fireballs should have little trouble with golems.

The Golem boss, the Iron Man, has a whopping 75% magic resistance, but otherwise pertains all the same weaknesses as a regular Golem and is one of the easiest bosses to dispatch with swift and efficient melee attacks.