Halls of Steel

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This is a Hard difficulty dungeon populated with many nasty minions such as Illusions and Animated Armors. The boss is an elite version of Animated Armor with awful stats, but has 20 levels of death protection. This is the only dungeon where the Orb of Lusory (Orb of Lusory2.jpg) spawns. It is unlocked by completing Creeplight Ruins


Hard Mode

Monsters: Animated armors, Wraiths, Warlocks, Steel Golems, and Illusions.

Animated Armor.png
The Indomitable
Hp.png 190 Attack.png 62 Death protection.png (20)

Special Rules: The Orb of Lusory spawns here: it is an item that grants 50% magic resistance. It can be destroyed to get rid of all illusions.

Vicious Mode

Monsters: Animated armors, Wraiths, Warlocks, Steel Golems, and Illusions.

Animated Armor.png
The Indomitable
Hp.png 222 Attack.png 73 Death protection.png (50)

Unlike the hard version of this dungeon you cannot get rid of the illusions, unless you kill them.



This boss has a considerable amount of staying power, so it is recommended you play a class that lasts long. The 4 main classes are Bloodmages, because of the considerable amount of fireballs you can throw, Monks, because their resistances and their considerable regen fighting capabilities, Paladins, because HALPMEH and resistances are a great counteraction to low damage, and Sorcerers, because the mana shield takes out an additional layer of death protection. Also, make sure not to incur any weakening and lower resist, if it matters.

If you play a Bloodmage use your fireballs to kill things above your level and bring a battle mage ring so you can regen fight monsters. When you get to the boss, use all your fireballs until you run out of mana. Then, turn on BLUDTUPOWA and reveal 3 tiles, bringing the boss to 31 hp. If you are at least level 7 you should deal 35 damage, removing another layer of death protection. When you run out of tiles use your mana potions, blood pools, and health potions to finish him off.

If you are playing a monk, you should be regen fighting sorcerers and wraiths a few levels above you. You shouldn't do this too much because you need to save enough tiles to out regen the boss. Use taurog, and avoid weakening or lower resists. When you reach the boss begin fighting until you cannot, then reveal tiles till your hp is above 31. Once your hp is high enough, assuming you deal enough damage, you should be able to take off another layer of death protection. Use your Unstoppable Fury and health potions to try to outlast him once you run out of tiles.

If you play a Paladin, try to maximize out your resistances so HALPMEH will be most effective. Avoid fighting wraiths, illusions, and steel golems, as the mana burn lower resists, and weakening can be crippling. When you cannot gain any more levels begin fighting the boss, but make sure there are tiles left to regen fight. When you fight the boss, get him as low as possible, then explore three tiles. Then, use HALPMEH and tank as many hits as you can. Then continue repeating this until you run tiles. Then use all other resources to outlast the boss.

If you are playing a sorcerer, use the your normal sorcerer strategy. Just make sure you don't get an untimely mana burn or any weakening. The mana shield takes out 2 death protections, so you should have no problem out lasting the boss.


The Indomitable is the boss that takes the most hits out of any in the game. Not only that, but he has okay damage too! You need a character with EXTREME staying power. The only two characters that provide this are the monk and the paladin. You must avoid steel golems and illusions at all cost, because their lower resist or weakening could be the difference between victory and defeat. Mana burn can be crippling, so you may want to avoid wraiths too. Animated armors are to be avoided, unless you can take off a death protection and you were going to explore anyways, because they expend your precious tiles. Unfortunately, this leaves only sorcerers which will be the main targets in this dungeon. At all costs, avoid exploring if you can!

If you choose to play a monk, you need a HALPMEH glyph. Since most of The Indomitable's staying power comes from death protections, you don't need very high damage. You do need to have damage that you can still take off a death protection after you regenerate above 36 hp. When you fight the boss, you are going to need a colossal amount of tiles, so explore extremely sparingly. When fighting the boss, whenever you can't take a shot, regenerate to just above 36, he will regenerate to 31 or 21, and if you do enough damage you should take off a death protection anyways. Finally, when you run out of tiles, start using potions, or god boons like protection, to elongate your staying power as long as possible.

If you choose to play a Paladin, you must find a way to achieve max resists. One way to do this is to take Dracul or Taurog and The Pactmaker. Take the pact that gives resistances whenever you damage a new enemy and the piety from Taurog, or Dracul if need be, should cover the piety expense. Once again, when you are ready to take on The Indomitable, you must have a ton of tiles left to regenerate throughout the battle, because if you don't have tiles you won't even come close.

One strategy which works surprisingly well is the transmuter. The transmuter works surprisingly well, because not only does he have unlimited spells as long as there are walls. Also, if you find PISORF or another form of knockback it takes of an additional layer of death protection. Also, because of the transmuter's ability to gain mana from walls PISORF costs no mana, so it removes a layer of death protection for free.

Useful items are any sort of resist giving items, schadenfreude potions, and anything that gives knockback.


The only quest in the Halls of Steel is The Dancing Blades which grants 250 gold when you win the dungeon.