Hobbler's Hold

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Hobbler's Hold is an Easy difficulty dungeon designated by its (!) marker on the dungeon map. It is unlocked by completing the tutorials.


Monsters: All unlocked so far

Lord Gobb
Hp.png 175 Attack.png 49 Magic resist.png 20% Physical resist.png 20%

Special: This dungeon is designed as a stepping stone for new players. There is a pendant of health, a pendant of mana, and a fine sword laying around. The boss is level 8.


Recommended Classes: All

There is no particular strategy for this dungeon, as the boss is extremely weak, so all classes should be able to complete this easily. One funny thing you can do, if you play as an assassin, is assassinate the boss. As it is usually impossible to reach level 9, you reach level 8, worship Dracul, take Blood Curse, which brings you to level 9, which makes the boss easy to assassinate. Normally, your potions should easily be enough to outlast him.


The only quest in Hobbler's Hold is A Little Agreement, which simply needs you to beat it once. As stated above, this is extremely easy, so you should not have any trouble completing this. The reward is letting you upgrade your guild for free.


Hobbler's Hold.png