Magma Mines

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Magma mines.jpg

Magma Mines is a Hard difficulty dungeon in the Beta filled with goblins. It is unlocked by completing Havendale Bridge.


Monsters: Goblins, Wraiths, Goo Blobs, Rock Trolls, and Cave Snakes

Hp.png 466 Attack.png 105 Physical resist.png 100% Magical attack.jpg
Hp.png 688 Attack.png 105 Magic resist.png 100%
Herp the Foreman
Hp.png 444 Attack.png 105 Corrosive.png Mana burn.png

Special Rules: Herp the Foreman has 100% defense against Physical and Magic attacks until Hurr and Durr are defeated. Cave snakes spawn young cave snakes.


Suggested Classes: Paladin, Monk, Bloodmage, Priest (See Quest)

In this dungeon, you are going to have to play a character that is specialized, but not so specialized that they cannot even throw a fireball. You will need considerable power to take down Durr, if you aren't a pure BURNDAYRAZer, so you need to be able to tank a considerable amount of damage, or out regen the boss. If you are a BURDAYRAZ user, just get as much mp as you can as you will have to have to dish out 910 damage in fireballs between the bosses. After you kill a bodyguard, the other is reduced to 1 hp. If you are a spell caster this means you must have at least 105 hp or a death protection. As a melee user, it means you will have to have saved 6 mana to cast BURNDAYRAZ. DO NOT CONVERT BURNDAYRAZ!

If you are playing a Paladin, you are going to want to combat mainly goblins and rock trolls. Long slug fights with cave snakes are dangerous, because you can be surrounded by young cave snakes. Wraiths grant mana burn and goo blobs have high physical resist. When you combat Durr, make sure you have saved your subdungeon for regeneration between the bodyguards and the boss. Make sure you use your hp potions first, because you should save your mana to squeeze out the necessary BURNDAYAZ to kill the other bodyguard. Assuming you still have a few potions left, the boss shouldn't be too hard.

If you are playing a monk, beeline for Taurog immediately, but don't forget not to convert BURNDAYRAZ. You will probably be combating wraiths and goblins. Cave snake's poison will be devastating, rock trolls also have double regen, and goo blobs have physical resist. Remember to regen fight high level enemies, but still save tiles for the boss. Regen fight Durr, using potions and furies if truly necessary, until he dies. Immediately fireball Hurr, and convert BURNDAYRAZ. Use your saved subdungeon to regenerate, and then beat Herp with your remaining resources.

If you are playing a Bloodmage, rack up mp, using Mystera only if you bring a piercing wand, and fireball higher level enemies. If you get a battle mage ring, you should be able to regen fire, using BLUDTUPOWA for a three-tile fireball, higher level enemies for minimal net damage. Once you are level 8 or so, and you have a way of taking one 105 damage hit, fireball Hurr to death. Tank Durr's hit. Then, use your saved subdungeon to regenerate between bosses, then use blood pools, potions, and all your other resources to kill Herp.


There are two quests in the Magma Mines. One is Minecraft, which requires you to beat the dungeon with for classes to obtain the battle mage ring. The other is complicated tasks part 6, which requires you to beat the dungeon with a priest, and get the feeling parched award, to get the final witch hut upgrade.

To beat complicated tasks part 6 you will need to find the Glowing Guardian, HALPMEH, and humility early. Remember to convert all potions. You will mostly be killing trolls and goblins, but wraiths are great if you level up off it. Avoid Goo Blobs because of there resist, and cave snakes if you'll get trapped. As soon as you can take enlightenment, do so. Before you use absolution, spawn as many young cave snakes as possible, as they do grant extra max hp. Use HALPMEH and protections to kill Durr, then Hurr with a fireball. Convert BURNDAYRAZ and explore your subdungeon. Proceed to kill Herp with your remaining resources.