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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Monsters

There are many different monster types you will encounter throughout Desktop Dungeons. They have a range of abilities and stats, and each present a unique difficulty to the player. There are two formulas to determine the base stats for every monster. For hp, you use (n(n+6)-1), where n is the monsters level, and for attack you use (n*(n+5))/2, where n is the monsters level. Monsters also have an attack and hp percent value. That indicates what percent of the base number provided below they have. For example, Bandits have 100% hp and 66% attack. Therefore a level 3 Bandit would do 8 damage and have 26 hp.

Level Base Attack Base Health
1 3 6
2 7 15
3 12 26
4 18 39
5 25 54
6 33 71
7 42 90
8 52 111
9 63 134
10 75 159

What kind of dungeon you are in also affects monster stats. Monsters in easy dungeons have 90% of way they would normally have, monsters in Normal dungeons have their normal stats, monsters in hard dungeons have 120% of what they would normally have, and monsters in vicious dungeons have 133% of what they would normally have.

Not counting bosses and special uniques, each dungeon contains 38 monsters, with the following level distribution

Level Number
1st 10
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 4
5th 4
6th 3
7th 3
8th 3
9th 2

Or, in graphic form:

List of Monsters

See Traits for a full list of traits and what they do. Also see the list of bosses.

Basic Monsters

Common monsters found in just about any dungeon.

Name Attack Health Traits Location
Bandit Monster Icon.png Bandit 70% 100% Cursed.png  Cursed Any
Dragon Spawn Monster Icon.png Dragon Spawn 100% 125% Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack Any
Goat Monster Icon.png Goat 100% 90% Magic resist.png  Magic resist 25% Any
Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin 120% 100% First Strike.png  First Strike Any
Golem Monster Icon.png Golem 100% 100% Magic resist.png  Magic resist 50% Any
Goo Blob Monster Icon.png Goo Blob 100% 100% Physical resist.png  Physical resist 50% Any
Gorgon Monster Icon.png Gorgon 100% 90% First Strike.png  First Strike, Death-gaze.png Death-gaze 50% Any
Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man 65% 200% Any
Serpent Monster Icon.png Serpent 100% 100% Poisonous.png  Poisonous Any
Warlock Monster Icon.png Warlock 135% 100% Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack Any
Wraith Monster Icon.png Wraith 100% 75% Undead.png  Undead, Mana Burn.png  Mana Burn, Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack, Physical resist.png  Physical resist 30% Any
Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombie 100% 150% Undead.png  Undead Any

Advanced Monsters

Stronger monsters found as you venture further outside the kingdom. This list does not include any variety of Plant.

Image Name Attack Health Traits Boss Location
Acid Blob.png
Acid Blob Corrosive.png  Corrosive, Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack Naga City, The Slime Pits
Animated Armor.png
Animated Armor Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack, Death Protection.png  Death Protection (1 layer per level) Halls of Steel, Cursed Oasis
Berserker Berserks.png  Berserks 50% Berserker Camp, Wizard Bronze
Burn Viper.png
Burn Viper Mana Burn.png  Mana Burn, Blinks.png  Blinks Berserker Camp, Naga City, Namtar's Lair
Blood Snake.png
Blood Snake Spawns.png  Spawns, Poisonous.png  Poisonous Bloodmage Bronze
Cave Snake.png
Cave Snake Poisonous.png  Poisonous, Spawns.png  Spawns Magma Mines
Changeling Varies by class Shifting Passages
Cultist Cowardly.png  Cowardly, Revives.png  Revives (into Zombie)
Desert Troll.png
Desert Troll Cowardly.png  Cowardly, Fast regen.png  Fast regen Northern Desert
Djinn Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack, Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball
Doom Armor.png
Doom Armor Berserks.png  Berserks 50%, Death Protection.png  Death Protection (1 layer per level) Demonic Library
Druid Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack, Death Protection.png  Death Protection Havendale Bridge, Dragon Isle, Western Jungle (Boss only)
Forest Troll.png
Forest Troll Cowardly.png  Cowardly, Fast regen.png  Fast regen, Magic resist.png  Magic resist 25% Dragon Isle
Frozen Troll.png
Frozen Troll Cowardly.png  Cowardly, Physical resist.png  Physical resist 50%, Magic resist.png  Magic resist 50%, Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack
Gelatinous Thing.png Gelatinous Thing Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball The Slime Pit
Imp Blinks.png  Blinks Demonic Library
Illusion Physical resist.png  Physical resist 50%, Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball, Weakening blow.png  Weakening blow Halls of Steel
Minotaur Knockback.png  Knockback 50%, Berserks.png  Berserks 50% Magma Mines, Shifting Passages, The Labyrinth (Boss only)
Muck Walker.png
Muck Walker Undead.png  Undead, Weakening blow.png  Weakening blow The Slime Pit
Naga 100 85 Weakening blow.png  Weakening blow Ick Swamp, Naga City
Rock Troll.png
Rock Troll Cowardly.png  Cowardly, Fast regen.png  Fast regen, Knockback.png  Knockback 50% Rock Garden
Rusalka Corrosive.png  Corrosive Havendale Bridge
Steel Golem.png
Steel Golem Physical resist.png  Physical resist 25%, Cursed.png  Cursed Naga City
Shade Physical resist.png  Physical resist 30%, Undead.png  Undead, Blinks.png  Blinks, Life steal.png  Life steal 40% Creeplight Ruins (after killing sacrificial goat), Cursed Oasis
Slime Blob.png
Slime Blob Cursed.png  Cursed, Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack The Slime Pit
Tokoloshe Cowardly.png  Cowardly, Physical resist.png  Physical resist 50%; Drops Tokoloshe Charm on death Havendage Bridge
Vampire Life steal.png  Life steal 40%, Magical Attack.png  Magical Attack Ick Swamp, Eastern Tundra (Boss only)