Northern Desert

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Far to the north lies a desert that few are foolish enough to cross. It is said that those of magical aptitude can find ancient knowledge if they survive the desert heat and monsters.
Northern Desert
Region North
Difficulty Normal
Monster Stats 100%
Population Monster: Desert Troll Desert Troll, Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blob, Monster: Wraith Wraith, other unlocked monsters
Bosses Boss: Aequitas (ND) Aequitas (ND), Boss: Tower of Goo Tower of Goo
Suggested Classes Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer, Class: Wizard Wizard
Quests Quest: Desert Rose Desert Rose

Quest: Complicated Tasks, pt 3 Complicated Tasks, pt 3

Unlock Complete Quest: Venture Capital Venture Capital, Quest: Dangerous Investments Dangerous Investments
Northern Desert Map

Far to the north lies a desert that few are foolish enough to cross. It is said that those of magical aptitude can find ancient knowledge if they survive the desert heat and monsters.

Special Rules

Whenever you kill a monster it will remove nearby water tiles.


Quest: Desert Rose Desert Rose

Defeat the Dungeon: Northern Desert Northern Desert with Class: Wizard Wizard and Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer

Reward: 250 Gold Pile Icon 18.png  Unlocks: Dungeon: Rock Garden Rock Garden

Quest: Complicated tasks, pt 3 Complicated tasks, pt 3

Defeat Dungeon: Northern Desert Northern Desert, earning Badge: Cheeky Cheeky

Unlocks: Witch LV2


Boss: Aequitas (ND)
Normal Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 159 318
Dungeon: Northern Desert Northern Desert

Aequitas in Northern Desert has special stats, lower than usual Monster: Warlock Warlock boss, and has no additional abilities. He is a typical high-damage/low-health boss, and much the same tactics that work against regular warlock foes will work against him. Increasing your maximum hit points to survive a single attack from this boss is a very useful approach. Magic resistance from God: Binlor Ironshield Binlor Ironshield is a also a useful approach.

Boss: Tower of Goo
Normal Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 318 636

The Goo Blob boss has a whopping 75% Trait: Physical resist Physical resist. Everything that goes for the regular Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blob goes double for him, but because you can afford to put more resources into fighting a boss than a regular monster you often have more leeway to use normally difficult approaches. God boon: Cleansing Cleansing works fabulously against this boss.


The boss will either have very high damage or physical resistance, so naturally you want a class that can fling a bunch of fireballs. The three best suppliers of this requirement are the spell casting classes. Wizards, due to their inexpensive spells, Sorcerers, due to their extra mana, and Bloodmages, but due to the fact you won't get them before you do this dungeon (probably) I won't include them. Naturally, you're going to want to avoid mana burn, as it will hurt these classes. If the Aequitas is the boss, you should probably go wizard, as their hit-spell-hit combo is ruined if you can't take a hit from the boss.

If you are playing as a Class: Wizard Wizard, it is fairly straightforward. Go around converting glyphs, to max out your mana, and killing higher level monsters. When you are LV7 or so, and a few experience from LV8, begin fireballing the boss. When you run out of mana, kill an enemy to level up. Continue fireballing, using potions if necessary. This is extremely easy, and you don't need a mid-fight level up. Feel free to use melee in addition to fireballs if it is the Tower of Goo or you can survive a hit from Aequitas.

If you are playing a Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer, find Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ ASAP and do a hit-spell-hit combo on a level above you. Convert glyphs whenever you find them to get your mana to 18 and then 24. Continue doing hit-spell-hit combos on higher level monsters until you are LV7. When you are LV7, and a few exp from LV8, hit the boss. Fireball him until you can't fireball anymore. Kill a lower level monster to level up. Continue to use the hit-spell-hit combo, using potions if necessary, until the boss is dead.

Note that this dungeon can easily be completed by non-mage classes, but they are recommended. If you do approach this dungeon with a melee specialist class like Class: Monk Monk, Class: Warlord Warlord, or Class: Paladin Paladin, bringing the Item: Really Big Sword Really Big Sword as a preparation is advised. This will give you a tremendous damage bonus against physical-resist enemies.

This dungeon is one of the best options for completing the Supreme Slayer achievement. You can slay the fairly weak Aequitas in a few hits with a level 1 Class: Rogue Orc Rogue by prepping Item: Reflex Potion Reflex Potion, Item: Quicksilver Potion Quicksilver Potion, God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki, and items that give death protection like the Item: Namtar's Ward Namtar's Ward or the Item: Badge of Honour Badge of Honour. Convert everything, grab Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE/Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT/Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP, and take as many shots of God boon: Reflexes Reflexes as you can afford.