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Rusalka Large.png
Rusalka Monster Icon.png
Attack.png ??%
Health.png ??%

The Rusalka is a rare corrosive foe, found principally in the Havensdale Bridge scenario. As with most monsters that incur a permanent debuff, avoiding taking damage from them is very advisable. Rusalka also leave corrosive puddles instead of blood pools. There are a number of ways to avoid these blood pools; using the WEYTWUT.png WEYTWUT, WONAFYT.png WONAFYT, or PISORF.png PISORF glyphs to move the Rusalka before you kill it is one option. Another option is to carve an alternate path with ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL. Finally, you could use LEMMISI.png LEMMISI or BLUDTUPOWA.png BLUDTUPOWA to reveal a tile on the other side of the puddle, allowing you to "jump" over it. Curing corrosion is quite difficult, requiring a File:Burn Save.png Burn Save or a deity's boon.