Southern Swamp

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Southern Swamp.png

The Southern Swamp is a dungeon made for thief type classes. It is unlocked by completing Robbed!


Monsters: All unlocked monsters, naga, and mysterious murkshades

Bosses: Jörmungandr (hp 318, attack 75, poisonous)

Special Rules: None


Recommended Classes: Thief, Rogue, Assassin

This dungeon is full of nasty effects, such as weakening, poison, and mana burn, so you want to bring a more balanced class. Thief type classes work well, and are required for the quest, so it is deeply recommended you bring one. The best of the three choices is the thief, because rogues will have some trouble getting high hp and assassin have a regeneration based strategy. This dungeon is not very hard at all, so you shouldn't have trouble. One note to new players: Do not incur any weakening! It reduces your base damage per 1 point of it, which comes back to haunt you later on.


If you are playing a thief, find BURNDAYRAZ. Fireball higher level enemies twice and then stab them to finish them off. This will become increasingly easier as you level up, due to the extra bonus from stat boosters. When you reach level 7, you may want to set up a mid-fight level up. If you do, get a few experience from level 8, then hurt the boss until you need to drink a potion. Kill a lower level monster to level up, refilling hp and mp. If you need to, use potions. This will be an easy fight. The mid-fight level up is unnecessary, but helpful if you want to crush the boss even more.


If you are playing a rogue, you will need to find away to take a hit from the boss. If you find a CYDSTEPP glyph, all your problems are solved. If not, either stack resistances and hp, go Taurog for death protections, or go Tiki Tooki for a dodge potion or two. Level up using fireballs and then first strike, and you can hit naga as long as it's a first strike kill. When you reach level 7, and you can tank a shot from the boss, set up a mid-fight level up. Fireball the boss twice, level up, fireball him two more times, tank your on shot, and finish him off. Feel free to use more death protections, dodges, or mp potions if necessary, and don't forget about your first strike kill.


If you are playing an assassin, use APHEELSIK to kill high level enemies while exploring to regenerate. Once you reach level 7, and set up a mid-fight level up if you want to, hit the boss until you cannot. Use your mid-fight level up. Hit him until you can't if you can first strike him, great! If you can't, use an hp potion and cast APHEELSIK to regenerate. Continue until he dies.


The two quests in the Southern Swamp are Swamp Romp, which requires you to beat it with a thief type class, and Way of the Open Fist part 1, which requires you to beat this with a purist monk. The for swamp romp is 250 gold, and the reward for way of the open fist part 1 is 200 gold.