The Orcish Mines

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The Orcish Mines dungeon is the Class: Rogue Rogue gold challenge. The boss is a unique Race: Orc Orc named Yohoho.


None allowed.

Resources Available

You start out with 3 Item: Wall Cruncher Wall Crunchers. Certain enemies will drop more. These items are essential for navigating the dungeon, unless one is lucky enough to find Binlor in the first room.

Monsters Present

  • Zombies. Not the worst monster here, but their high health and fairly high attack make them rather hazardous.
  • Goblins. These guys suck for a Rogue, as always. They're still better than some of the other monsters here, though. They're also very useful for setting up dodges using Tikki Tooki, so if that's how you're killing the boss, keep as many low level ones around as you can.
  • Animated Armors. These guys suck here. They will almost certainly kill the Rogue in one hit until you knock off a couple of Death Protections, as their attack is tied to the number of stacks of protections that they have. That doesn't help the fact that they're still likely to kill you in one hit. Unfortunately, you're forced to focus on them, as they are one of the few monsters in this dungeon to drop Wall Crunchers when they die.
  • Minotaurs. These are the other monsters that you should seek out. As long as you can kill them in two hits (and survive their first), you have nothing to worry about from them.
  • Bandits. These are the easiest monsters in the dungeon. They have subpar attack, and Curse stacks aren't something to really worry about, as you shouldn't rely on them in this dungeon to begin with.
  • Goblin Miners. An uncommon monster, they have lower attack than normal Goblins, but have the traits Knockback (50% health) and Mana Burn.

Unique Dungeon Traits

This dungeon is a series of rooms(though caves would be more accurate) that are completely sealed off from one another. Wall Crunchers, PISORF, or ENDISWAL are required to navigate this dungeon. This natural obstacle makes life regeneration difficult, as one might find themselves in a small chamber with very few tiles to explore. Success in this dungeon requires the luck to stumble into the chamber that contains the needed powerups as soon as possible. You will almost certainly be restarting this challenge quite a few times.


Yohoho is a level 10 Orc (former adventurer) with 145 attack and 515 health. He has the First Strike and Curse Bearer traits. The curse bearer attribute means that you cannot effectively reduce his damage through physical resistances (which aren't easy to build up as a Rogue, anyway) without extremely careful popcorn management, and First Strike ensures that you will be unable to hit him before he'll hit you. Simply put, he is designed to make most standard Rogue strategies very difficult.


A Dwarven Rogue will have an easier time in this dungeon than an Orcish Rogue. While his attack will be lower, most of the monsters in this dungeon will quickly kill an Orcish Rogue due to his low health. This would normally be addressed in preparations, but that's not an option here. An Orcish Rogue walks a very thin line.

Find Binlor as soon as possible. No matter what the other choices are, he should be your god of choice until the endgame. Attain max piety and some useful boons, then convert to Tikki Tooki once you've managed to get to the clean up phase. Use Tikki Tooki to wipe out everything but your popcorn, and set up a mid-fight level up; you're probably going to really need it.

(Note: Have not beaten yet. will flesh out more when done so.)

Using Tikki Tooki and taking his Reflexes boon would probably be enough to beat the boss if your Rogue has enough attack (yet to be tested, but sound in theory). However, even killing him in 4 hits (in other words, two helpings of Reflexes and carefully setting up dodges(explained on Tikki Tooki's page, under 'Piety Spike')) would take at least 129 attack. This is very possible for a Rogue, but difficult to do while raising your health high enough to survive a hit from Yohoho and heal afterwards with your remaining resources. BURNDAYRAZ would lower this number, but you may need your mana for other things. It will be a careful balancing act.