The Slime Pit

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The Slime Pit.png


The Slime Pit features Warlocks, Goo Blobs, Meat Men, Golems, and several unique monsters. Most have mediocre HP and attack (the same by level as a golem or serpent) and the following abilities:

Gelatinous Thing: Retaliate: Fireball Slime Blob: Cursed (more durable than a Bandit) Muck Walker: Undead, Weakening Strike Acid Blob: poor HP, but Corrosive


The two bosses of the Slime Pit are the Goo Blob and Super Meat Man. These bosses are the same as fought elsewhere, but are relatively difficult because of the large pools of physical and magical resources needed to defeat them.

Special Considerations

After killing a certain number of enemies, all the Meat Men in the level begin to rot, which makes them all Poisonous and makes regen fighting them difficult. As you continue to kill monsters, the Meat Men rot further and become Corrosive as well--at this point it is probably not worth fighting any non-popcorn Meat Men. The boss, Super Meat Man, is fortunately not affected.