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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Tinker
Special Class
Human Tinker Large.png
Class traits
2 extra shops in dungeon
Items cost 5 gold less in shops
Starts with a swiss alchemy kit, can sense dungeon stairs
Suggested Races
Any Race
Class Challenges
No challenges
Level 1 Guild

Class Features

  • MERCHANT: 2 extra shops in dungeon
  • NEGOTIATOR: Items cost 5 gold less in shops
  • MACGUYVER: Starts with a swiss alchemy kit (2 Compression Seals, 2 Transmutation Seals, 1 Translocation Seal), can sense dungeon stairs


The Tinker's a rather unconventional class. Not possessing any combat prowess, the Tinker relies on items to provide leverage. By that logic, the Tinker also requires gold to be effective. Dungeons with multiple bosses work in advantage for the Tinker, as they drop large amounts of gold for you to use. The Gloves of Midas is an excellent item to prep with the Tinker, for obvious reasons.

The Tinker's ability to sense subdungeon stairs can come in handy for the Tinker. If a Tinker can find Good Glenrick with IMAWAL, it equals an easy boost to level 4. A Blacksmith Loot subdungeon means a stronger early game for the Tinker. Secret subdungeons are never truly inaccessable to the Tinker, thanks to his Transmutation Scrolls. Most secret subdungeons provide nothing but benefits, which is an advantage to the Tinker.

There is no particular God that the Tinker requires to worship to be successful, but God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki works best for the Tinker, due to the free gold you receive with Tikki's boons. If you're worshipping Tikki, consider an offensive build, so you can conserve piety.

The Tinker's potential increases as you unlock items, especially the Elite items form Bezar. Elite items costs a great amount of gold, but the Tinker comes with a free Translocation Scroll, which is essentially a free item. A free Amulet of Yendor can mean an easy win.

The Tinker works with just about any class (except possibly Goblins), although you will need to have a certain strategy in mind, whether it's building a combat-oriented class for humans and orcs, glyph-based class with elves or gnomes, or abusing the Tri-sword or Alchemy Scroll with Halfling and Gnomes. All in all, the Tinker's a rather luck-based class, but making the most out of the RNG is what Desktop Dungeons is all about. A properly equipped (and slightly lucky) Tinker can clear even Vicious Gaan'Talet with relative ease.