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* Swap position with a monster.
* Swap position with a monster.
* Afflicts the target monster with {{t|Slowed}} (+1XP when killed, temporarily loses {{t|First strike}}, {{t|Retaliate}}, {{t|Cowardice}}).
* Afflicts the target monster with {{t|Slowed}} (+1XP when killed, temporarily loses {{t|First strike}}, {{t|Retaliate}}, {{t|Cowardice}}).
|Hotkey= T

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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:WEYTWUT
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Hotkey T

Weytwut is the teleportation glyph. When cast on an Enemy Monster, the Player will swap Positions with it. It will also get Trait: Slowed Slowed. Slow prevents monsters from blinking, retaliating Fireballs, and lets the player strike first (or disable the monsters first strike) However, this can fail if cast on Monsters that have Magic Resist, so be carefull when attempting this. There is no reliable way of finding this gylph other than worshipping Jehora Jeheyu, as he will spawn it upon joining.

Unlocking the Glyph

The Weytwut Glyph starts unlocked.


Weytwut is mainly an utility glyph and best found early. While it's not a very strong combat glyph, its one of the most versatile spells in the game.

It's most obvious use is to remove enemys out of the players path if they are blocking it.

Since a slowed enemy will always strike after the player, it can also be used to emulate first strike and give you an edge when fighting stronger monsters. Keep in mind, however, that slow and first strike cancel each other out - so a stronger first strike monster will still atack you first unless you have first strike too. This can be a particular usefull trick for classes with inherent first strike, such as the Rogue or the Assassin.

Another trick during the early stages is to teleport weaker monsters (popcorn) into corners, afflicting them with slow. Since slow also grants +1 Bonus XP on kill, the Player can "fatten" his Popcorn up, making them more valuable for later use.

Due to its mana high cost, Weytwut doesn't have any particular syngergy with other Glyphs, and loses most of its usefullness in the later stages of a run.