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* Lose 50% [[Full:Resistance|resistances]].
* Lose 50% [[Full:Resistance|resistances]].
;Destroy a wall:{{piety|+5}}
;Destroy a wall (including petrified monsters):{{piety|+5}}
;Cast BYSSEPS:{{piety|+1}}
;Cast BYSSEPS:{{piety|+1}}

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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Binlor Ironshield
Binlor Ironshield
Binlor Ironshield.png
Initial worship
Prep penalty

Missing info

Destroy a wall (including petrified monsters)
+5 Piety
+1 Piety
Gain a level
-10 Piety
Cast IMAWAL on an empty square
-5 Piety
Stone Soup (Repeatable)
Cost: 35 Piety
Effect: Spawns Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL near the altar
Stone Skin (Repeatable)
Cost: 15 Piety
Effect: Destroys 3 nearby wall segments
+3% Trait: Magic resist Magic resist
3 ranks of Trait: stone skin stone skin
Stone Form
Cost: 25 Piety
Effect: Destroys 10 nearby wall segments
Grant Trait: Stone form Stone form
+5% Trait: Magic resist Magic resist
Stone Fist
Cost: 40 Piety
Effect: Destroys 20 nearby wall segments
+50% Trait: Knockback Knockback damage
+5% Trait: Magic resist Magic resist
Stone Heart (Repeatable)
Cost: 10 Piety
Effect: Destroys 10 nearby wall segments
lower all enemy Resistances on current dungeon level by 5%
+3% Trait: Magic resist Magic resist

Binlor Ironshield is the god of mining. He is found in a subdungeon with an ENDISWAL glyph. Once you mine a few walls, you reach some gold. Don't fall for it it, keep mining to reach his altar.


There are two main strategies with Binlor. You can either stay with him, which is only to be done if there are no other gods to convert off to, or the optimal strategy of using him as a piety farm. If you decide to stay with him, just keep using boons to pump magic resistance, the best boon being stone heart, and destroy walls to negate the level up penalties. Save some piety for the endgame. When you're fighting the boss, use stone skin before every hit. This is especially nice if you already have stone form as it will give you resists and might. If you are going to convert off, rack up 100 piety, take 5-10 stone hearts to kill monster resistances, and then wrack back up 100 to convert in. Remember, if you are in a level without a lot of walls, don't use too many stone hearts as you might run out of walls to convert.

With the BLUDTUPOWA glyph or Rock Heart item at your disposal, Binlor can generate absolutely massive quantities of piety. In fact, you're more likely to run out of walls to destroy than anything else.

Binlor also has a strong synergy with attacks that cause knockback, such as if your character is a Half-Dragon or has a Bear Mace. With Stone Form and Stone Fist, every attack in which you can bash the target into a wall will give you Might, piety, and a large amount of knockback damage in addition to your normal attack damage, and the resistances you get from Binlor (or just from destroying walls with ENDISWAL) will help you survive any retaliation. If you take this approach, it's a good idea not to take too many boons from Binlor so that you have enough walls left for your knockback strategy.

If you plan on staying with Binlor, desecrating a Mystera altar is usually well worth the negatives. Since Binlor's only chance of punishing you is a -10 on level up, you effectively earn +55 piety on any desecration. Mystera's punishment is 15% resistances to all enemies, and you can nullify this with 3 uses of Stone Heart (while beefing up your magic resist by 9%). Just make sure you have enough walls to compensate, and that you're not already at a high enough level to waste the punishment invulnerability.


Binlor removes all your resistances when you desecrate his alter or otherwise anger him. For characters without resistances, this means Binlor can be angered or desecrated freely and he is incapable of actually punishing you. While there are a few cases of characters that can ignore a deity's punishment, this is the only one that actually comes up with any frequency in practice.