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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Classes

Here are some brief descriptions of the character classes. Follow the links to their individual pages for more in-depth tips and suggested strategies!

Class Special Features Suggested Races Unlock
Tier 1 Classes
Fighter HeroBase.png INSTINCTS: Monsters of an equal or lower level always have their location revealed
VETERAN: Fighters earn 1 extra experience on any monster kill, 10% less exp required to level
PIT DOG: Dungeon runs start with 1 level of standard Death Protection on the character
Any Level 1 Guild
Thief HeroThief.png STABBER: Deal an extra 30% damage on the first attack against any new monster
HOARDER: +33% more items on dungeon maps
SURVIVOR: All health/mana potions restore both health AND mana
Halfling, Gnome Level 1 Thief Den
Priest HeroPriest.png GOOD HEALTH: An extra 3 health is gained per level
GOOD DRINK: Health potions are now 100% effective
GOOD GOLLY: Physical damage against undead is +100%
Dwarf, Halfling, Orc Level 1 Church
Wizard HeroWizard.png MAGIC SENSE: Can see all locations of all glyphs from the start
MAGIC AFFINITY: Skills cost -1 mana, -25% starting attack bonus
MAGIC ATTUNEMENT: Spawns with fireball glyph, all glyphs are small items
Human, Elf, Gnome, Orc Level 1 Mage Tower
Tier 2 Classes
Berserker HeroBerserker.png BLOODLUST: Deals an extra 30% damage on normal attacks against higher-level foes
SPELLKILL: +50% starting magic resistance
MAGESLAY: All glyph-activated abilities cost an extra 2 mana, but starting attack bonus is +30%
Human, Orc Level 2 Guild
Rogue HeroRogue.png DEXTEROUS: First strike in combat, ignoring level constraints
EVASIVE: +20% starting dodge trait
DANGEROUS: Rogues earn -5 health per level, but start off with +50% damage
Dwarf, Orc Level 2 Thief Den
Monk HeroMonk.png HAND TO HAND: -2 base damage per level, -30% attack bonus
DIAMOND BODY: +50% to starting physical resistance, higher resistance cap
DISCIPLINE: Health regeneration rate is doubled
Human, Orc Level 2 Church
Sorcerer HeroSorcerer.png ESSENCE TRANSIT: Every mana point spent regenerates 2 health
ARCANE KNOWLEDGE: +5 starting mana
MANA SHIELD: Deal one damage (per character level) whenever an opponent hits you
Human, Elf, Gnome Level 3 Mage Tower
Tier 3 Classes
Warlord HeroWarlord.png DEFIANT: Start with CYDSTEPP glyph, always castable
DETERMINED: +30% bonus damage whenever below half health
COURAGEOUS: Drinking a mana potion will cause the next attack to do +30% damage
Gnome, Elf, Orc Level 3 Guild
Assassin HeroAssassin.png POISONED BLADE: Starts with the APHEELSIK glyph, casting APHEELSIK inflicts 1 level of corrosion
LIGHT FOOT: Exploring an area around a monster gives the player first strike
SWIFT HAND: attacking a lower level monster always grants an instant kill. This will overwhelm every other status effect in the game
Human, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin Level 2 Thief Den
Paladin HeroPaladin.png HOLY HANDS: Starts the dungeon session with the HALPMEH glyph
HOLY WORK: Cannot switch religions, piety loss removes 2 max health instead
HOLY SHIELD: Physical resistance starts at +25%
Human, Elf, Orc Level 3 Church
Bloodmage HeroBloodmage.png INSANE: Start with the BLUDTOPOWA glyph
SANGUINE: Walking over a Blood Pool restores 15% of max health
POWER-HUNGRY: Mana potions boost SANGUINE Effects
Elf, Gnome Level 3 Mage Tower
Special Classes
Transmuter HeroTransmuter.png EARTH LORE: Starts with ENDISWAL glyph
EARTH MASTERY: Destroying walls increase next item conversion bonus by 10% (Up to 100%)
EARTH FOCUS: Average stats are lowered
Elf, Gnome, Human Subdungeon Mission: Find transmuter, complete 3 quests after
Crusader HeroCrusader.png MOMENTUM: Successive killing blows add 25% bonus damage (up to 100%)
SCARRED: Immune to first affliction suffered (except Resist Down)
MARTYR: Extra altar in dungeon
Orc Subdungeon Mission: Speak to him with 100 Piety
Tinker HeroTinker.png MERCHANT: 2 extra shops in dungeon
NEGOTIATOR: Items cost 5 less gold in shops
MACGUYVER: Starts with a swiss alchemy kit, can sense dungeon stairs
Any Subdungeon Mission: Find a secret subdungeon hidden beneath thick walls
Monster Classes
Gorgon HeroGorgon.png Monster race Clear Naga City with 3 classes
Half Dragon HeroDragon.png Monster race Clear Dragon Isle with 3 classes
Vampire HeroVampire.png Monster race Clear Halls of Steel (Vicious) with 3 classes