Creeplight Ruins

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Creeplight Ruins
File:Creeplight Ruins Thumb.png
Difficulty Unknown
Population Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombies, Snakes, Golem Monster Icon.png Golems, Cultist Monster Icon.png Cultists, Shade Monster Icon.png Shades
Boss File:Anoobis.png Anoobis
Suggested Classes
Quests None
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Creeplight Ruins is a Hard difficulty dungeon, filled with evil reviving Cultist Monster Icon.png Cultists. It is unlocked by completing Eastern Tundra.



Anoobis, three formed boss:

  1. Cultist.png Cultist (166 HP, 117 Attack, Magical attack.png Magical attack, and Revives.png Revives)
  2. Zombie.png Zombie (249 HP, 78 Attack, 50% Magic resist.png Magic resist, Undead.png Undead and revives)
  3. Wraith.png Wraith (249 HP, 78 Attack, 60% Physical resist.png Physical resist, Undead.png Undead, and Mana burn.png Mana burn)

Note: Anoobis provides no experience or gold when killed in his first and second form.

Special Rules

The subdungeon is always a subdungeon with a sign that says "Hey Norman, here's the sacrificial Goat Monster Icon.png Goat you were looking for. It's been pre-configured for ceremonial slaughter, so go ahead and kill it when you have a moment." Upon killing the Goat Monster Icon.png Goat all Cultist Monster Icon.png Cultists are transformed into Shade Monster Icon.png Shades of the same level.


Recommended Classes: Human Priest.png Priest, Human Sorcerer.png Sorcerer, Human Bloodmage.png Bloodmage, Human Assassin.png Assassin (see Creeplight Contract)

This level is the first that tests new players staying power. There are really no specific tricks to beat this boss, you just need some sort of approach that gives you the strength and staying power to let you survive long enough, because you're potions aren't gonna last long enough for 3 bosses. Always make sure you save all of your Mana potion.png Mana potions to the last form, because you're going to need to BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ this sucker. If you choose to use a Human Priest.png Priest, your greatest difficulty will be the boss's first form, which is not undead and packs a heavy punch.

Although the Shades created when you slay the sacrificial goat may be intimidating, they are actually beneficial to your cause. Because the cultists revive as zombies, you have to defeat them twice to earn experience, and you get credit for killing a monster one level lower than the cultist. The shades may be powerful monsters, but you only have to fight them once and you get full credit for having done so. As a result, it makes more sense to transform the cultists into shades and fight them in that state. The most dangerous ability of the shades is the ability to drain your health and then teleport away when you attack them. However, these abilities are functionally useless if the dungeon is already explored. The general approach is to leave the cultists alone until you've fully explored the dungeon, then make them transform into shades.

Because you can regenerate your health between fighting different boss stages, you will want to fight the first boss stage early. However, he deals a large amount of damage and can 1-hit-KO most heroes with ease. As a result, you'll need to find a way to get around his dangerous attacks in order to slay him as a lower-level character. Because he is relatively fragile, it is possible to use the APHEELSIK.png APHEELSIK glyph in combination with the BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ glyph to whittle him away as you explore. Unless you have some way to expand your health or magic resistance, a spellcasting strategy is by far the easiest to kill the first boss.

With proper planning, the Human Assassin.png Assassin is a very strong class for defeating Creeplight Ruins. A Goblin Assassin.png Goblin Assassin who begins the boss battle early and saves all his glyphs can often kill the first boss with poison hit-and-run alone, then use level-up catapults to slay the second boss, then use his potions against the third boss. It's entirely possible for a Goblin Assassin.png Goblin Assassin to simply catapult past all three stages of the boss without ever using potions.


Creeplight Ruins.jpg


There are two quests in Creeplight Ruins, Cult of Personality and Creeplight Contract. The reward for cult of personality is 250 gold and all you have to do is beat the dungeon. Creeplight Contract requires you to win the dungeon with an assassin, and gain the unstoppable accolade. To do this it is recommended you use the above assassin Mystera strategy, but others work. The reward is the venom sword can be lockered, and will now be sold in shops.

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