Fighter Challenges

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The fighter's class challenges have no real overarching storyline or lesson, as the fighter itself doesn't really teach anything unique.

Bleat It

Gorgons have broken into the Kingdom's petting zoo, spreading madness and petrification. Fight your way through the enraged goats and put an end to the gorgon leader!
Monsters: Goats and Gorgons
Boss: Medusa (Level 8)
Recommended Race(s): Goblin

The strange thing about this challenge is there are only 15 gorgons (two per levels 1-7 and Medusa) and everything else is a level 1 goat. This level teaches you about maxing out your exp from popcorn. It provides free, non-convertable WONAFYT.png WONAFYT and IMAWAL.png IMAWAL glyphs, although those are the only glyphs that spawn. You really shouldn't really have much trouble beating Medusa. By level six or seven you should easily be able to kill her using your potions and your Death Protection.png Death Protection.


A particularly troublesome djinn thinks it's being smart by harassing our northern caravans with illusion magic and wild beasts. Mere guards cannot hope to defend against this: this matter needs someone made of sterner stuff.
Monsters: All unlocked monsters and Desert Trolls
Boss: Imadjinnius
Recommended Preparations: Perseverance Badge Recommended Race(s): Dwarf or Orc

This challenge is basically Northern Desert with different boss. Unfortunately the boss has Retaliate- Fireball.png Retaliate: Fireball so you are going to have to take every one of his 125 damage shots. The most important thing is the guaranteed GETINDARE.png GETINDARE spawn. Use to level up as much as possible, preferably to level 10. That's 180 hp as dwarf or 130 as an orc. Though potions, your Death Protection.png Death Protection, a dodge (if you get lucky), and first strike. Beating this challenge will give you Platemail.png Platemail.

Another strategy is to use PISORF.png PISORF and knock the boss through walls. Suggested races for this strategy are gnome or orc, and useful items are the Crystal Ball.png Crystal Ball and Trisword.png Trisword.

The Arena

Okay Fighter, it's time to do what you do best! Can you survive the trials of the Quaking Arena and emerge as champion?
Monsters: All unlocked monsters
Boss: Mister Goat
Recommended Preparations: Perseverance Badge, Health Potion, Mana Potion, Quicksilver Potion, Strength Potion, Can of Whupaz, Transmutation Seal
Recommended Race(s): Goblin

You start with platemail. This dungeon consists of 9 waves. The 9th wave holds the boss Mister Goat. The next wave spawns when you beat the strongest monster from the previous one. The strongest monster in the first wave is always a snake. Each "mini-boss" holds a different glyph. The order of them is different every time but they will always be BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ, BYSSEPS.png BYSSEPS, ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL, GETINDARE.png GETINDARE, IMAWAL.png IMAWAL, LEMMISI.png LEMMISI, PISORF.png PISORF, and WONAFYT.png WONAFYT. In the corners of the arena are a Cracked Amulet.png Cracked Amulet a Sword.png Sword, a Bear Mace.png Bear Mace, and a Slaying Wand.png Slaying Wand. Save BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ, BYSSEPS.png BYSSEPS, and LEMMISI.png LEMMISI to whittle down the bosses resist through your extra tiles. Use the slayer wand on the level 9 "mini-boss". Save as many glyphs as possible for mid-fight level ups against the boss.