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Here are some brief descriptions of the character classes. Follow the links to their individual pages for more in-depth tips and suggested strategies!

Class Special Features Suggested Races Unlock
Basic (Tier 1) Classes
Fighter HeroBase.png Can see monsters equal or lower lvl to the player, gains +1xp per monster kill, and survives 1 killing blow for free Human, Dwarf Available at start.
Thief HeroThief.png First attack on all monsters gains +30% dmg, map contains 33% more items, HP and MP potions heal both Halfling, Gnome Available at start.
Priest HeroPriest.png Bonus +2hp per lvl, HP potions heal 100% hp, deals +100% dmg to undead Dwarf, Halfling Available at start.
Wizard HeroWizard.png Can see all glyph locations, -1 MP cost to use glyphs / -25% to own melee dmg, map created with 1 extra fireball glyph, glyphs are small items} Elf, Gnome Available at start.
Advanced (Tier 2) Classes
Berserker HeroBerserker.png +30% dmg vs. higher lvl monsters, +50% magic resistance, starts with +30% attack bonus, +2 mp cost to all glyphs Human, Orc
Rogue HeroRogue.png First Strike enabled at all times, 20% base dodge rate, starts with +50% attack bonus, -5 hp per lvl up Dwarf, Orc
Monk HeroMonk.png Starts with -30% attack bonus, -2 base damage per level, +50% physical/magic resistance, HP regen from exploration doubled Human, Orc
Sorcerer HeroSorcerer.png Heals 2 HP per 1 MP spent, begins with +5 MP, does 1 magical damage/level to monster when hit Human, Elf, Gnome
Expert (Tier 3) Classes
Warlord HeroWarlord.png Starts with CYDSTEPP (cheat death) glyph, +30% dmg when hp below half, drinking MP pot gives +30% dmg on next hit Human, Gnome, Elf, Orc
Assassin HeroAssassin.png Starts with APHEELSIK (poison) glyph, exploring all squares around monsters enables First Strike, 1 hit KO on all lower lvl monsters Human, Dwarf, Orc
Paladin HeroPaladin.png Starts with HALPMEH (heal) glyph, cannot lose piety from deity punishments, cannot convert, -25% phys dmg taken  ??
Bloodmage HeroBloodmage.png Starts with BLUDTUPOWA (hp->mp) glyph, MP pots give 100% refill (but cost 6hp per lvl), heal 15% hp from blood pools Elf, Gnome
Special Classes
Transmuter HeroTransmuter.png Starts with ENDISWAL (costs 2 MP), Destroying walls restores 4 MP, -5 starting MP, No natural MP regeneration. Elf, Gnome, Human Subdungeon Mission:
Crusader HeroCrusader.png Monster kills give 25% dmg bonus on next hit (can chain up to 100%), immune to first status change suffered (excluding lowered resists), extra altar in dungeon Human, Orc Subdungeon Mission: Speak to him with 100 Piety
Tinker HeroTinker.png 2 more shops, items cost 5 less gold, starts with 5 alchemist scrolls, can sense subdungeon stairs Human, Orc Subdungeon Mission: Speak to him with 100 Piety