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Learn a little more about your freshly-earned halfling race! Completeing all of the puzzles in this pack will earn you the Viper Ward


Item: Viper WardViper Ward

Solutions (spoilers)


Intro to Halflings

"Find out exactly what makes these hairy-footed fellas special."

  1. Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE the goat.
  2. Get the Combat pickup.
  3. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS the Gorgon Monster Icon.png {{{DisplayText}}}.
  4. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS and Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE to kill Gorgon Monster Icon.png {{{DisplayText}}}.
  5. Kill both Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man.
  6. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS the Jormungandr.
  7. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS and level up off of the last Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man.
  8. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS and attack Jormangandr until hit would result in death.
  9. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS one last time then convert it and consume health potion.
  10. Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE and kill for win.

Halfling Trial

"Can you manage your health resources in a slightly more advanced scenario?"

  1. Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ the Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin.
  2. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin once.
  3. Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS again and convert and consume the Glyph: BYSSEPS BYSSEPS rune.
  4. Consume ONE Item: Health PotionHealth Potion.
  5. Kill Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin.
  6. Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ then Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE the Warlock Monster Icon.png Warlock.
  7. Kill the Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man and Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin normally.
  8. Attack Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombie twice then Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE to kill it.
  9. Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ the Jormungandr then convert all runes.
  10. Consume ONE Item: Health PotionHealth Potion and attack twice (Uses Glyph: Death Protection Death Protection]]).
  11. Convert Item: ShieldShield and consume all potions.
  12. Kill Jormungandr.

Ring of Death

"The enemy has heavily fortified itself, but you think you've found a way around"

  1. Attack the Minotaur.png Minotaur in the lower left to knock yourself backwards through a wall.
  2. Cast Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT from your current position (bottom middle) on the Minotaur.png Minotaur.
  3. Pick up the Item: Pendant of HealthPendant of Health and consume a Item: Health PotionHealth Potion.
  4. Position yourself directly north of the Minotaur.png Minotaur so you will be pushed toward the Jormungandr.
  5. Attack the Minotaur.png Minotaur twice, using up your Glyph: Death Protection Death Protection]].
  6. Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT the zombie anywhere but directly south of the boss.
  7. Kill the Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man with basic attacks.
  8. Use Item: Mana PotionMana Potion.
  9. Pick up Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ and cast it on the remaining Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin.
  10. Attack Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin once to kill it.
  11. Convert Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT and consume the health potion.
  12. Kill the Dragon Spawn Monster Icon.png Dragon Spawn.
  13. Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ the Jormungandr.
  15. Attack Jormungandr and use potions until you are out of potions and are about to die.
  16. Then convert the Item: Pendant of HealthPendant of Health and Item: Mana PotionMana Potion and use the health potion you receive.
  17. Kill Jormungandr.