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Namtar's Lair is a Vicious level dungeon located in the East. It is unlocked by completing Dancing Blades.


Namtar's Lair has a massive, 4-level subdungeon where the majority of the boss fights take place. The stairs to enter this lair are initially inaccessible, and only become accessible while carrying Namtar's corpse. While the surface has all the normal dungeon elements including a secret sub entrance, the lair levels are each sealed off from both the surface and each-other. This effectively means that during the later stages of the boss fights, the surface resources (altars, blood pools, shops, etc.) can no longer be accessed.


Frozen Troll Monster Icon.png Frozen Troll: Cowardly, Magical Attack, Physical Resist 50%, Magical Resist 50%

Warlock Monster Icon.png Warlock: Magical Attack

Goo Blob Monster Icon.png Goo Blob: Physical Resist 50%

Namtar (1)
Namtar (3)
Namtar (4)
Namtar (5)
Namtar (6)

Shade.png Shade: Lifesteal 40%, Physical Resist 30%, Blinks, Undead

File:Burn Viper Monster Icon.png Burn Viper: Mana Burn, Blinks

Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombie: Undead, Bloodless

Golem Monster Icon.png Golem: Magic Resist 50%

As the Shades and Burn Vipers blink, they are hard to wear down via multiple hits until the map is almost completely explored. Additional difficulty is that if the Shades teleport into black space, they can use their Lifesteal again (except when revealed by BLUDTUPOWA). However, only the Zombies are bloodless. Monster Attack and Defence is at 150% versus nominal, which is one of the toughest monster difficulties in the game.


The boss of the dungeon, Namtar, has six forms. Each form must be defeated in succession to win the dungeon. Once Namtar's first form is defeated on the main map, he revives and must be defeated again. After that, his corpse becomes an item that must be picked up and carried into the actual lair subdungeon. The staircase leading into the lair is only usable after Namtar's corpse has been picked up. The lair has four levels, and Namtar revives in each level and must be defeated anew, until on the fourth lair level he can be finally defeated. His abilities and stats change from form to form.

Namtar (1): Druid Monster Icon.png Druid icon, Attack 112, Health 476, Magic Resist 50%, Magical Attack, Poisonous, Mana Burn

Namtar (2): Druid Monster Icon.png Druid icon, Attack 112, Health 476, Magical Attack, Weakening Blow, Corrosive, Curse Bearer

Namtar (3): Vampire Monster Icon.png Vampire icon, Attack 75, Health 238, Physical Resist 75%, Fast Regen, Undead, Bloodless

Namtar (4): Vampire Monster Icon.png Vampire icon, Attack 75, Health 318, Cowardly, Retaliate:Fireball, Berserks at 50%, Undead, Bloodless

Namtar (5): Vampire Monster Icon.png Vampire icon, Attack 37, Health 238, Cowardly, Death Protection (3), Magical Attack, Berserks at 75%, Undead, Bloodless

Namtar (6): Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombie icon, Attack 1, Health 79, Cowardly, Retaliate:Fireball, Undead, Bloodless

The first two forms are arguably the tougher because of the highest damage inflicted. That said, spending too many resources on them can seriously hinder fighting the later forms especially in light of the penalties received within the lair proper, and being deprived of the surface resources like altars and blood pools. His last four forms are all Undead.


When you enter the lair - or descend into a deeper level - you may no longer return to the main map, or any previous lair levels. The first three lair levels have a moderate amount of black tiles that allow a decent amount of regeneration and may even be used to Regen-fight (or Corrode-poke) some of Namtar's forms. Each of these levels also host 3 low-mid level Imps in addition to Namtar's next form. The fourth lair level is very small and hosts no other monsters except for the final form of Namtar. Furthermore, after defeating the 3rd, 4th and 5th form of Namtar, the player receives a penalty that includes several malevolent effects.

Imp Monster Icon.png Imps:

  • Lair level 1: Level 1, 3, 4
  • Lair level 2: Level 3, 5, 6
  • Lair level 3: Level 5, 7, 8


  • Namtar Form 3: -10 max Health, -2 max Mana, -5 base Damage
  • Namtar Form 5: -10 max Health, -2 max Mana, -5 base Damage, applies 10 stacks of Corrosion.png Corrosion and Weakened.png Weakened each.


On top of the high monster difficulty, Namtar's Lair deprives you of all surface resources for the last four boss fights. Furthermore, the different forms have very different abilities, and at least one form will prove very challenging for each specialized build. For example, relying on fireballs will make forms 1 and 4 hard to defeat thanks to their respective magic resist and retaliate: fireball traits. Relying on physical damage will make form 3 very difficult thanks to its high physical resist and doubled regeneration rate.

Flexible / hybrid builds will generally fare better than very specialized builds. Reliance on a specific tactic will require the proper preparation; for example, to maintain the Warlord's ability to cast CYDSTEPP, Mystara or the Elven Boots are recommended to offset the Mana reduction penalties. That said, some tactics will still be impossible after a certain point (i.e. reliance on Resistances).

It is recommended that the player conserve resources like Potions and single-use items as much as possible before entering the lair subdungeon, as the subsequent forms of Namtar are each challenging. It is also recommended that the player fully explore the main map, as well as pick up or buy any items they will need, as there is no turning back after descent.

Recommended Classes: Human Priest.png Priest, File:Human Half-Dragon.png Half-Dragon, Human Wizard.png Wizard, Human Warlord.png Warlord, Human Fighter.png Fighter

Recommended Races: Elf.png Elf or OrcHero.png Orc

The surface dungeon is not pronouncedly maze-like, however there are still chokepoints that can be (and usually, are) blocked by monsters. Therefor preparations or magic that destroys walls, or teleports/moves monsters, will become useful during the course of exploration. Because the monster difficulty is high, and the monsters have nasty traits like Blink and high resistances, significantly higher-level kills are usually off the table. Most characters will barely be able to manage monsters that are one level higher. Which makes the Human Fighter.png Fighter class - and the Balanced Dagger.png Balanced Dagger item - unexpectedly good for this level.

The first form is easiest to dispose of via Melee, and his Poison and Mana Burn make regen-fighting and hybrid tactics impossible for most characters. Dedicated spellcasters can overpower this form also using only fireballs (possibly relying on resistance-bypassing effects like the Piercing Wand.png Piercing Wand or the Chaos Avatar, Weakening or Stone Heart boons), however PISORF.png PISORF is greatly preferred as it bypasses the magic resistance completely. This alone would make Binlor Ironshield a good initial deity to worship.

The second form lends more easily to spells, because players will likely want to reduce the number of melee hits because of the afflictions. That said, high-damage dealing melee builds can also overpower this form without being crippled by his Weakening/Corrosion/Curse. It's good to leave at least a few low-level monsters to un-Curse after this bossfight. Glowing Guardian's Cleansing boon can effectively remove a few stacks of afflictions.

The third form is the most difficult for primarily melee builds thanks to the combination of high Physical Resist and Fast Regen. Fireball-casters will find this form very easy to deal with. An Elf can usually kill this form with a level-up without having to spend any resources. More melee-focused characters though will benefit a lot from being able to do magical damage (being a Half-Dragon, or taking a last Cleansing boon before descent helps). Be aware that PISORF will not work well against this form, so it is recommended to keep BURNDAYRAZ if only against this form.

The fourth form is a nightmare for fireball-users thanks to its Retaliate:Fireball. Damage Reduction and/or health restoration helps endure the retaliation attacks, or teleportation magic can prove to be a mana-costly but effective way to avoid it altogether. That said, melee approaches or reliance on PISORF can greatly simplify this boss fight.

The fifth form is not very difficult, and can be effectively regen-fought by most characters, and the sixth form has only nominal stats. Unless the character is completely depleted and has been crippled by the several punishments and afflictions, they should not prove to be challenging.

Some altars to keep an eye out for:

  • Binlor Ironshield Icon.png Binlor Ironshield offers several useful boons to deal with this map. Resistances can help during leveling and fighting the first two forms of Namtar; his free PISORF glyph helps a lot against the first and fourth forms; his boons help de-clog the map, as well as access the secret subdungeon (and some walled-off blackspace tiles); he can reduce Form1's resistances, and give knockback & Might that help against some of the later forms. Overall one of the best starting deities for Namtar's Lair.
  • Both the Glowing Guardian Icon.png Glowing Guardian and Jehora Jeheyu Icon.png Jehora Jeheyu help boost (Health & Mana) bars and offers ways to remove afflictions. The bar boosts are especially welcome in light of the punishments suffered within the lair. GG's Cleansing boon is an extremely useful temporary effect to have when descending into the lair, and is often worth joining GG just for this one boon.
  • Mystera Annur Icon.png Mystera Annur offers Refreshment, which is an excellent way to gain mana restoration without having access to any altars, as well as offers small boosts to spellcasting effectiveness that make the fight against Form 3 much easier.
  • Dracul Icon.png Dracul offers Lifesteal and Sanguine, which can be useful against all forms of Namtar.


There are no quests associated with this dungeon. However, upon completion the player is rewarded with Namtar's Ward.png Namtar's Ward.