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The Rat-Faced dungeon is the Class: Crusader Crusader silver challenge.



Resources Available

There are regular glyphs and shops. There are no subdungeons. There is one fixed altar, dedicated to God: The Pactmaker The Pactmaker.

Special Rules

There are several plants on this level: Monster: Mysterious Murkshade Mysterious Murkshade, Monster: Corrosive Creeper Corrosive Creeper, Monster: Poisonous Pod Poisonous Pod and Monster: Barbing Bush Barbing Bush. Two random plants will drop a potion each when killed, providing one Item: Burn Salve Burn Salve and one Item: Fortitude Tonic Fortitude Tonic.


Monster: Naga Naga: Weakening Blow

Monster: Serpent Serpent: Poisonous

Monster: Acid Blob Acid Blob: Corrosive

Monster: Wraith Wraith: Mana Burn, Magical Attack, Undead, Bloodless, Physical Resist 30%

Monster difficulty is between Normal and Hard, and is +10% to to Attack and Health scores.


The boss is Keeng Ra'at (Monster: Ratling Ratling icon, Attack 65, Health 1044, Fast Regen, Retaliate: Fireball, Weakening Blow, Corrosive).


Recommended race: Race: Orc Orc

The Nagas on the level have weakening blow, and the Corrosive Creepers and Acid Blobs corrode. Even navigating the level carefully might mean accumulating an inevitable layer or two of each of these afflictions. The boss has a lot of health, and his strikes afflict with both weakness and corrosion. It is therefor recommended to kill enough plants to find both the Burn Salve and the Fortitude Tonic before even thinking about engaging the boss.

The level plays fairly simply up to the boss fight. The monsters are not too tough to kill, especially if you don't mind getting a bit weakened or corroded. The Class: Crusader Orc Crusader is a good combination because you don't have to worry about your damage dropping - your conversions will more than offset any stacks of weakness you may incur. Try to go for higher level kills, save low-level monsters to build momentum during the boss fight, use PISORF or BURNDAYRAZ to remove Corrosive Creepers and Barbing Bushes as needed, don't worry about getting a few layers of Corrosion or Weakness, just make sure neither gets out of hand.

How you use the Pactmaker might depend on what race you're playing. The main purpose of this deity is to boost your durability during the boss fight. Some good options are God boon: Scholar's Pact Scholar's Pact, God boon: Warrior's Pact Warrior's Pact or God boon: Body Pact Body Pact. Do not take God boon: Scholar's Pact Scholar's Pact early, you can safely put it off until Level 5 or so; if you choose to go for another pact though, take it as early as possible. In any case, as there are no other altars, take God boon: Consensus Consensus before taking any other pact. In addition, keep track of the sparkles around the altar if you plan to take God boon: Warrior's Pact Warrior's Pact or God boon: Body Pact Body Pact. After using some piety grab 1,4 or 7 sparkles to make full use of your piety if you take God boon: Warrior's Pact Warrior's Pact(2 or 6 if you take God boon: Body Pact Body Pact).

Once you've cleared out the place, you should ideally be just a kill shy of level 8, with enough low-level monsters scattered around to reach level 9 as well. This maximizes the punishment you can dish out to the boss. If you haven't done so yet, take God boon: Consensus Consensus plus the God boon: Scholar's Pact Scholar's Pact, and level up. The boss has low damage, but high health, and his afflictions can be debilitating in the long run. As an Orc, a good rule of thumb is, kill enough monsters between strikes to raise your damage to 100 for each strike. Don't raise it too high, because then you'll lose too much momentum after your first strike. Kill 2-3 monsters between strikes to keep your damage output constant. If your corrosions or weaknesses start to cripple you, drink the respective potion to alleviate your pain. If you have Glyph: PISORF PISORF, it's good to keep pushing the boss into walls or other monsters, if you only have Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ don't bother though, he has retaliate.

The overheal for both your level-ups should give you an extra strike each, which combined with your level-up restoration and health potions should be enough to wear the boss down. As your health will be the bottleneck, it might actually make sense to consider a Race: Halfling Halfling, though you will be hard pressed to boost your base damage to be able to inflict a meaningful amount of damage each strike.