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This page is about the Full/Beta Version of the game, if you are looking for the Alpha/Free Version, see Alpha:Scoring

There are ten badges in Desktop Dungeons, each earned by completing the dungeon in a certain way. You must win the dungeon to earn badges; if you retire before defeating all the dungeon bosses you will never earn a badge.

  • Hoarder: Never converting items (very hard)
  • Warmonger: Never pick up a glyph (converting from ground is okay; very hard)
  • Purist: Do not use preparations except basic potion loadout (hard)
  • Feeling Parched: Do not drink healing or mana potions (medium)
  • Faithless: Do not worship any gods (Pactmaker Pacts are okay; medium)
  • Miser: Do not purchase items from shops (the Translocation seal is okay; medium)
  • Unstoppable: Slay every single monster on the main floor of the dungeon (medium)
  • Specialist: Use either physical or magic-type attacks against the boss, not both (easy)
  • Ding! Max: Reach level 10 (easy)
  • Cheeky: The first monster you kill must be a higher level than you (easy)

Some badges may be more difficult or less difficult on certain levels. For instance, it's nearly impossible to complete the Naga City dungeon without reaching level 10 and earning the Ding! Max badge, while achieving a specialist victory against the wide array of bosses present on that level will be exceptionally challenging.

On most scenarios, every single badge is attainable. You will earn a small amount of gold when you first obtain a badge on a dungeon, and afterwards they aren't worth anything except the personal pride of having overcome the dungeon with accolades. However, the challenge dungeons will reward you with gold every time you earn a badge even if you've earned that badge on that challenge in the past.