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There are ten badges (plus one bonus badge) in Desktop Dungeons, each earned by completing the dungeon in a certain way. You must win the dungeon to earn badges; if you retire before defeating all the dungeon bosses you will never earn a badge.

  • Cheeky: The first monster you kill must be a higher level than you (easy)
  • Ding! Max: Reach level 10 (easy)
  • Faithless: Do not worship any gods (medium)
  • Feeling Parched: Do not drink health or mana potions (other potions are okay; medium)
  • Hoarder: Never convert any item (using Wizard.exe subdungeon is okay; hard)
  • Miser: Do not purchase items from shops (the Translocation seal is okay; medium)
  • Purist: Do not use any preparations except basic potion loadout, or the Vicious Token (hard)
  • Specialist: Kill the last boss using either magical or physical damage, but not both (medium)
  • Unstoppable: Kill all main dungeon monsters (level 8 or higher) without using petrification (medium)
  • Warmonger: Never use a glyph skill (converting is okay; very hard)
  • Vicious: Complete the dungeon run with the Vicious Token prepared (very hard)

Some badges may be more difficult or less difficult on certain levels. For instance, it's nearly impossible to complete the Naga City dungeon without reaching level 10 and earning the Ding! Max badge, while achieving a specialist victory against the wide array of bosses present on that level will be exceptionally challenging.

On most scenarios, every single badge is attainable. You will earn a small amount of gold when you first obtain a badge on a dungeon, and there are also several quests which can only be completed if your run is worthy of a particular badge (regardless of whether or not you have earned this badge before on the given dungeon). Apart from this, aren't worth anything except the personal pride of having overcome the dungeon with accolades.

Badge Acquisition Strategy

Most of the badges require a specialised playstyle, so they are easiest to obtain with a class that works well with that strategy.

  • Hoarder: No conversion means no racial bonuses, and you must be very careful about picking up items. The Class: Wizard Wizard's ability to hold glyphs as small items is a huge advantage.
  • Purist: As you do not have any special items to get you off the ground, you will want a class with a strong early game and the ability to adapt to whatever items happen to be available. The Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer, Class: Fighter Fighter and Class: Thief Thief can all play this role. With a more developed Kingdom, the Class: Tinker Tinker can also do well without preparations, as he is well-equipped to obtain the items he needs from shops.
  • Warmonger: Most classes find it hard to abstain completely from glyph casting, but the Class: Berserker Berserker, the Class: Crusader Crusader and the Class: Rogue Rogue (with strong items) all have enough muscle to power through under the right circumstances. Strength potions are highly recommended, as you have no other use for mana. Keep an eye out for deities who can grant you glyph-like effects without actually using glyphs, such as God: Taurog Taurog (death protection), God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki (free hits) and God: The Earthmother The Earthmother (slowing).