The Deadites

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The Deadites is the Class: Priest Priest bronze challenge. The boss is a unique Monster: Warlock Warlock named Bad Ash.


None allowed.

Resources Available

There are 2 unique items that always spawn: the Chainsaw and the Boomstick ( +5 base damage and +10 max health each, can not be lockered). Chance of Item: Pepper the Dog Pepper the Dog making the boss pretty easy to beat(zombie dog turns living boss into zombie boss).

No altars, gold or shops, but boosters spawn normally.

Monsters Present

  • Monster: Zombie Zombies. Their high health and damage is annoying. Much like Wraiths, these will be difficult to beat until you can find one or two of the guaranteed spawn items. After that, they're easy.
  • Monster: Wraith Wraiths. The Mana burn is annoying, and they do enough damage that you're going to have a lot of trouble killing them. Save them to secure a level-up.
  • Monster: Vampire Vampires. Their high health and damage will make them difficult to beat until you can find one or two of the guaranteed spawn items. After that, they're easy. Be cautious if exploring at high levels: the health pool that you're likely to have means that vampires will gain ridiculous amounts of health from their Lifesteal trait.
  • Monster: Heretic Heretics. In addition to usual Warlock stats they have 100% Death-gaze. As such, try to avoid them. They can be easily killed if you are a higher level than them, as their health isn't very high. There is a chance to find Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE, making the Heretic less difficult.

Unique Dungeon Traits

One item that is essential is the Pepper the Dog. It works somewhat like the Item: Badge of Honour Badge of Honour. Instead of giving death protection, however, it turns the next thing that it hits after being consumed into an undead creature. Without this effect, the boss is very difficult to defeat.

Bad Ash

Bad Ash isn't too hard, but he's a little intimidating to start with. He has 112 attack and 636 health, with 100% Death-Gaze and Magical Attack.


The race that you should pick depends on what aspect of the priest you want to leverage the most. Halflings are my personal choice, as that gives you the most health potions to make use of. Orcs are a good second, as their base damage bonus lines up quite nicely with the Priest's +100% damage against undead class trait, especially since almost every monster in this dungeon is undead.

If you're doing this early on, you might not have access to these more exotic options. In that case, humans are probably the best way to go, as the only other race that synergizes with the Priest would be the Dwarves, and the Priest needs more damage than he does health.

This is a simple dungeon. Run around until you find one or two of the guaranteed spawn items. Use them to kill the highest level monsters that won't kill you back. Do not use any health potions. Do this until you can survive one hit from Bad Ash. Use Pepper the Dog to turn Bad Ash into an undead creature. Heal. Continue leveling until you reach level 9 or 10. Convert all glyphs except for GETINDARE and BYSSEPS(if you find them). Use your accumulated resources to damage Bad Ash while avoiding his 100% Death-Gaze via health potions. Repeat until he's dead.

It'll be closer if using a human, but if you wait until you've acquired halflings, this challenge will be a breeze.