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Vicious Badge.png Vicious Token (VT) is a preparation and a badge that incredibly increases dungeon's difficulty.

Unlock and Use

After you beat the Quests#Oh, Horatio! quest, you will unlock this badge. You can prepare this whenever you go into a dungeon for the price of 20 Gold Pile Icon 18.png. This preparation makes the dungeon ignore its difficulty modifier and set all monsters' attack 160% and health 200%. If you beat the dungeon with Vicious Token, you will earn Vicious Badge and additional 300 Gold Pile Icon 18.png. If it's your first time to beat the dungeon with Vicious Token, you will get another 200 Gold Pile Icon 18.png as well.

To rainbow a dungeon, you also need to get the Vicious Badge as well as other badges.

What's the difference?

You would see that same level's same monsters have different stats in different dungeons. It's because each dungeon offers a different difficulty modifier. However, it is now ignored and you can now see same level's same monsters have all same stats in all dungeons with Vicious Token. Here's the monster's stats.

Level Base → Vicious Attack Base → Vicious Health
1 3 → 4 6 → 12
2 7 → 11 15 → 30
3 12 → 19 26 → 52
4 18 → 28 39 → 78
5 25 → 40 54 → 108
6 33 → 52 71 → 142
7 42 → 67 90 → 180
8 52 → 83 111 → 222
9 63 → 100 134 → 268
10 75 → 120 159 → 318

To see the stats of bosses with Vicious Token, see Bosses.

As you can see, n-th level monster now has higher attack power and health than (n+1)-th level monster have had. It is extremely hard to kill 2 level higher monster without a level catapult, and 1 level higher monster is also very difficult. While this might seem just a flat number trick, this makes various problems.

  • Can't kill level 2 monster

You start with 10 health, and level 2 monster have 11 attack. If you want to tank a hit without purchasing boons or so, you need to find 2 health boosters. The blackspace cost is too much if you intend to find those. After you find some health increasing items, health boosers, or source of resistances you would be able to tank hits. But even if you find a way to tank a hit, it is usually not easy to kill a level 2 monster. Prior to find a way you should waste a lot of resources. A good example eliminated by the Vicious token is Class: Rogue Orc Rogue of God: Taurog Taurog approach which become almost useless. You can instead start to kill level 1 monsters, but you will soon find yourself in shortage of XP.

  • Can't tank Bosses' hit

The stat of a standard boss is 120/636. A level 9 character's health is usually 1.3 × 90 = 117, so even a level 9 character can't tank a hit. Aequitas (180 attack) or Bleaty (360 attack) is especially dangerous. Even if you somehow reached level 10 and have 130 health, you need 65% full Trait: Physical Resist Physical Resist, or 4 Trait: Stone Skin Stone Skin, to tank Bleaty's hit. Aequitas has Trait: magical attack magical attack so stone skin doesn't even work. Some special bosses such as Rex or The Avatar also deals a superior damage.

  • Special subdungeons become harder than expected

All vicious dungeons except one have their bosses at a special subdungeon. Vicious dungeons have high enough difficulty modifier and thus gets a minor bonus to monsters. However, the subdungeon's difficulty modifier is lower than the main dungeon level, and every monster in the subdungeon gets higher difficulty modifier. This makes vicious dungeons harder than expected. Dungeon: Vicious Steel Vicious Steel has bosses at the main dungeon level, and thus is easier than other double-vicious dungeons. Dungeon: Vicious Gaan-Telet Vicious Gaan-Telet is somewhat special in this manner; this dungeon has increasing difficulty modifier, so the former part of the dungeon run becomes significantly harder while the later part is not.

Effective Approaches

If you don't regen-fight, monster's total difficulty is its attack power multiplied by health pool. But since the monster stats are reinforced too much, bursting damage from your health pool without regeneration is practically not powerful enough to kill your target. Striker/tank characters such as Class: Warlord Warlord or Race: Dwarf Dwarf loses its ability here. Though being very hard, carefully refined striker or tank or even a hybrid is certainly able to wipe VT.

Specialized caster build won't use normal attacks very much, and they can largely ignore monsters' attack power. However, out of Class: Chemist Chemist or characters with Glyph: BLUDTUPOWA BLUDTUPOWA or Glyph: APHEELSIK APHEELSIK, casters cannot effectively regen-fight. Its bursting damage is somewhat similar to Striker or Tank style and thus enlarged health pool could make a monster out of the target. You will need a lots of mana refills so be prepared. Still some specialized caster apporach can rock in VT.

Regen-Fighter will want to get as high resists as possible. Stacking resistances is by far the only effective way to solve both problems: being able to tank one hit, and increase your regen-fight ability. This makes some gods worth preparing, and Item: Dragon Shield Dragon Shield is somewhat an auto-preparation for regen-fighters aiming VT.

Unlike non-VT run, you can't always have proper higher level targets. Having another method to get some bonus experiences is a very good idea. Taking God: Tikki Tooki Tikki Tooki's God boon: Tikki's Edge Tikki's Edge boon, preparing or buying an Item: Amulet of Yendor Amulet of Yendor, being a Race: Goblin Goblin are all a great move. Item: Balanced Dagger Balanced Dagger is exceptional at this, but Item: Amulet of Yendor Amulet of Yendor is almost always better if you can widthstand your budget problem. It is completely possible to plan to earn all bonus experiences from something other than killing higher level enemies. Class: Assassin Goblin Assassin of Tikki Tooki is a good example.

If you want to stay into damage, Race: Orc Orc is better than Race: Human Human for most dungeons, because the fights in the low levels are significantly harder than higher ones.