Wrath of Midas

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The Wrath of Midas dungeon is the Class: Rogue Rogue silver challenge. The boss is a unique Monster: Bandit Bandit named Midas.


Building: Thief Den Thief Den, Witch, Alchemist, Altar of God: Dracul Dracul (Challenge recommends Alchemist & God: The Pactmaker The Pactmaker)

Resources Available

The dungeon will always have the Altars of God: Dracul Dracul and God: The Pactmaker The Pactmaker, if unlocked, and has regular shops. There is more gold lying around than usual.


The boss drops the Item: Gloves of Midas Gloves of Midas, which will be available in shops after beating this challenge. While wearing the Item: Gloves of Midas Gloves of Midas, each kill will give you one gold per experience gained.

Special Rules

There is a unique item that always appears in this dungeon called the Item: Ritual of Midas Ritual of Midas. The Ritual of Midas requires 80 Gold Pile Icon 18.png to use, and will turn into the Item: Armor of Midas Armor of Midas when used. The Armor of Midas provides immunity to Death Gaze, and is the most straightforward way to fight the boss.

There are 3 sub-bosses, all of which have puns for names.

  1. The first, the 'Wheeze-hard', is a level 8 Class: Wizard Orc Wizard. He has Magical Attack, one layer of Death Protection, 111 health and 52 attack. He's not too hard to defeat after a certain level.
  1. The second sub-boss, the 'Prist', is a level 9 Class: Priest Orc Priest. He has 201 health and 63 attack. Again, not too hard, especially as a Class: Rogue Rogue.
  1. The final sub-boss, 'Foyter', is a level 10 Class: Fighter Human Fighter. He has 159 health, 75 attack, and 25% Physical and Magical Resistance. He's much tougher, but far from unbeatably so.

All three sub-bosses leave loot when defeated. When walking over it, the loot will give you 20 Gold Pile Icon 18.png.


Monster: Meat Man Meat Man. By this point, you should be familiar with these monsters. They make good level up targets, but should be approached with caution until you can safely damage them faster than they can heal (and more importantly, faster than they can damage you, you squishy little Rogue). Abuse your Trait: First Strike First Strike advantage and enjoy your Trait: Dodge Dodge kicking in time to time. Consider saving a few mid-level ones for boss fight Lifesteal regen-ing; you'll almost always gain more life than they take away, and Meat Men have plenty of life to spare.

Monster: Goblin Goblin. By this point, you should be familiar with these monsters. Since Goblins always have First Strike, they are poor choices for leveling, unless one can kill them in one hit (and one or two fireballs). Save a few mid-level ones for boss fight Lifesteal regen-ing, as long as you'll gain more life than they take away.

Monster: Burn Viper Burn Viper. These are one of the two monsters that you should definitely seek out for leveling. They have normal health and attack, and they inflict Trait: Mana Burn Mana Burn on attack. They blink when damaged. Since they blink, you should only tackle these monsters if 1) you've uncovered enough of the map that you're confident that they'll reappear somewhere visible, and 2) you can kill them in one fireball and one regular hit. The only exception to this is if you're about to level up, in which case you don't need to worry about Mana Burn. Mana Burn makes them unviable for Lifesteal regen-ing, unless you can kill them in one hit.

Monster: Minotaur Minotaur. These are the other monsters that you should definitely seek out for leveling. They have normal health and attack, and have Knockback (if they survive your melee hit, they knock you directly back 1 tile and do 50% damage to you - though this part of their damage can never kill you). If they are at or below 50% health they gain Berserk. Berserk causes the monster to gain a 50% damage bonus. Minotaurs are probably the easiest monster to kill in this dungeon. You should be able to survive a melee hit against a non-berserked minotaur that is even a few levels above you. Then you should be able to soften up said Minotaur by a fireball or two. Finally, your First Strike should take care of finishing the monster irrespective of the damage they would deal.

Monster: Golden Statue Golden Statues are monsters unique to this dungeon. They have 1 attack, high health, and the traits Trait: Corrosive Corrosive, Trait: Weakening blow Weakening blow, and Trait: No Experience No Experience. While they drop a gold reward just like the sub-bosses, to get the gold one must step in their blood, which will inflict one layer of Corrosion. There are several approaches to dealing with the Golden Statues. First, you may leave them be, so as to not incur any stacks of Weakness or Corrosion (both of which will seriously hinder you during the boss fight). Second, you may prepare to destroy them, gaining their gold and removing your debilitative conditions with a Item: Burn Salve Burn Salve and a Item: Fortitude Tonic Fortitude Tonic. Last but not least, you may prepare to endure some Corrosion and Weakness (or cure them during the boss fight), and use these monsters as Blood Cows (monsters you use Lifesteal on to regain health).


The boss Midas is quite powerful. He is a unique 10th level bandit with 954 health and 75 attack, and he has 101% Death Gaze and Retaliate: Fireball. The Death gaze number is not a mistake. If you attack (or Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ) him while you are at (or below) your maximum health, you will be petrified.


It is recommended to win this challenge with the Class: Rogue Orc Rogue. With the proper strategy, the Orc will be able to take two hits from the boss before needing healing, while the Dwarf likely won't be able to take enough hits to make up the difference in damage. Also, the Orc's damage boosting trait will maximize the gains from worshipping Dracul. Alternatively, Race: Dwarf Dwarf or Race: Human Human are also viable. Other races may also work, though will probably be more difficult.

The most straightforward way to win this challenge involves two important parts. First of all, complete the Ritual of Midas to gain the Mantle of Midas, which affords immunity to the Death Gaze of the boss; and secondly, worship Dracul for purposes of Health restoration. You don't need to do either to win the challenge, but the map is easiest when you do.

To complete the Ritual of Midas you need 80 gold. This normally assumes that you collect all the gold piles in the dungeon, plus you defeat the three named sub-bosses for the loot they drop. You may have a bit of gold left over, which can be useful to buy items or potions. You can complete the Ritual of Midas without touching any of the Golden Statues. You may also prepare (or buy) Burn Salve (and/or Fortitude Tonic) and defeat the Golden Statues to claim their loot, giving you more gold. This can be used instead of the sub-bosses' loot, or to afford more items.

If you worhip Dracul, you may pick up any number of his boons to help you against Midas. God boon: Blood Hunger Blood Hunger is safe to take because you won't have significant resistances; and allows you to steal life from any low-mid level monsters (or Golden Statues) you left alive for this purpose. God boon: Blood Tithe Blood Tithe is probably the most important boon, allowing you to recover health by absorbing Blood Pools. God boon: Blood Curse Blood Curse is safe to take at L8-9, and nets you easy Dracul piety. God boon: Blood Shield Blood Shield can help you fight Midas, and God boon: Blood Swell Blood Swell offers a cheap health-restore at the cost of some pop-corn or resists. As Dracul is stingy with piety, it is generally advisable to use any previously unused Item: Health Potion Health Potions - and 'holy magic' glyphs like Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH and Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP - to convert them under Dracul's worhip for bonus piety. Especially since Dracul abhors holy magic of all sorts and punishes its use.

The other altar present will be God: The Pactmaker The Pactmaker. You can skip the God: Dracul Dracul worship by picking up God boon: Warrior's Pact Warrior's Pact with him, gaining (up to) 17 max health, which will allow you to fight Midas effectively. You may also consider some of this other pacts, God boon: Consensus Consensus or God boon: Scholar's Pact Scholar's Pact for example. If you go this route, it is advisable to keep Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH.

You also do not need to complete the Ritual of Midas to fight Midas. Deathgaze 101% means that if you are above your maximum health, Midas won't petrify you. If you have any Lifesteal, this is attainable. If you can save enough low-level monsters for the boss fight, and have Lifesteal (from the Item: Draining Blade Draining Blade, or the Blood Hunger Dracul boon), you do not even need to complete the Ritual of Midas to win; jut make sure you are above your maximum health whenever you strike Midas (for example, by using blood pools to refill your health to (close to) maximum, and killing a low-level monster to steal enough life to bring your health to above your maximum).

The single best starting item for this dungeon would be the Item: Pendant of Health Pendant of Health. At level 1 or 2, this will make taking on monsters 2 or 3 levels higher possible, and will make your run much more successful. Purchase if you see it at low levels.