Wrath of Midas

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The Wrath of Midas dungeon is the Class: Rogue Rogue silver challenge. The boss is a unique Monster: Bandit Bandit named Midas.


Thieves' Guild, Witch, Alchemist, Altar of Dracul (Challenge recommends Alchemist & Pactmaker)

Resources Available

The dungeon will always have the Altars to Dracul and the Pactmaker, if unlocked, and has regular shops. There is more gold lying around than usual.


The boss drops the Item: Gloves of Midas Gloves of Midas, which will be available in shops after beating this challenge. While wearing the Gloves of Midas, each kill will give you one gold per experience gained.

Monsters Present

Monster: Meat Man Meat Man. By this point, you should be familiar with these monsters. They make good level up targets, but should be approached with caution until you can safely damage them faster than they can heal (and more importantly, faster than they can damage you, you squishy little Rogue). Abuse your First Strike advantage. Be sure to save a few mid-level ones for boss fight Lifesteal regen-ing; you'll almost always gain more life than they take away, and Meat Men have plenty of life to spare.

Monster: Goblin Goblin. By this point, you should be familiar with these monsters. Since Goblins always have First Strike, they are poor choices for leveling, unless one can kill them in one hit. Save a few mid-level ones for boss fight Lifesteal regen-ing, as long as you'll gain more life than they take away.

Monster: Burn Viper Burn Viper. These are one of the two monsters that you should definitely seek out for leveling. They have normal health and attack, and they inflict Mana Burn on attack. They Blink when damaged. Since they Blink, you should only tackle these monsters if 1) you've uncovered enough of the map that you're confident that they'll reappear somewhere visible, and 2) you can kill them in one fireball and one regular hit. The only exception to this is if you're about to level up, in which case you don't need to worry about Mana Burn. Mana Burn makes them unviable for Lifesteal regen-ing, unless you can kill them in one hit.

Monster: Minotaur Minotaur. These are the other monsters that you should definitely seek out for leveling. They have normal health and attack, and have Knockback. An attack with the Knockback trait moves the opponent back one space. If the opponent hits a wall, the wall is destroyed, and the opponent takes the melee damage and knockback damage (which is 60% of your base attack). If the opponent hits a monster, the opponent does not move, and the opponent takes both melee and knockback damage, while the impacted monster only takes the knockback damage. Knockback damage is only 50% of base damage when the opponent hits another monster. If they are at or below 50% health they gain Berserk. Berserk causes the monster to gain a 100% damage bonus. Minotaurs are probably the easiest monster to kill in this dungeon. The trick is to endeavor to never fight a Minotaur with a wall behind you, and never ever fight a berserked Minotaur, as a Rogue is too squishy to tank that amount of damage. With First Strike, you don't have to. Only fight these guys if you can kill them in two hits. Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ can soften them up for the two-hit strategy, but you might want to save that for the more troublesome monsters. These monsters are your second best source for Lifesteal regen-ing; be sure to save some of the higher level ones.

Golden Statues are monsters unique to this dungeon. They have 1 attack, high health, and the traits Corrosive, Weakening blow, and No experience. While they drop a gold reward just like the sub-bosses, to get the gold one must step in their blood, which will inflict one layer of Corrosion. Do not use these monsters to collect the gold for the Ritual of Midas! Corrosion causes the player to take one extra damage per layer. Rogues cannot afford to take any extra damage whatsoever; they live right on the edge as-is. These monsters redeem themselves, however, by being the single best source of Lifesteal regen-ing in this dungeon. They have lots of health, and as long as you can kill them in one hit (which is child's play for a high-level Rogue), you can regenerate almost half of your life with each kill (more, if you take more levels of Lifesteal).

Unique Dungeon Traits

There is a unique item that always appears in this dungeon called the Item: Ritual of Midas Ritual of Midas. The Ritual of Midas requires 80 gold to use, and will turn into the Item: Armor of Midas Armor of Midas when used. The Armor of Midas provides immunity to Death Gaze, and is the only way to fight the boss.

There are 3 sub-bosses, all of which have puns for names.

  1. The first, the 'Wheeze-hard', is a level 8 Race: Orc Orc Class: Wizard Wizard. He has Magical Attack, one layer of Death Protection, 111 health and 52 attack. He's not too hard to defeat after a certain level.
  1. The second sub-boss, the 'Prist', is a level 9 Race: Orc Orc Class: Priest Priest. He has 201 health and 63 attack. Again, not too hard, especially as a Rogue.
  1. The final sub-boss, 'Foyter', is a level 10 Race: Human Human Class: Fighter Fighter. He has 159 health, 75 attack, and 25% Physical and Magical Resistance. He's much tougher, but far from unbeatably so.

All three sub-bosses drop an item when defeated. This item will be picked up by walking over it, and will give you 20 gold.


The boss Midas is quite powerful. He is a unique 10th level bandit with 954 health and 75 attack, and he has 101% Death Gaze and Retaliate: Fireball. The Death gaze number is not a mistake. If you attack him before acquiring the Armor of Midas, you will be petrified. You could maybe Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ him to death, but I wouldn't bet on it; he has the same amount of health as the Super Meat Man boss.


The only two races that should even be considered for this dungeon are the Race: Dwarf Dwarf and the Race: Orc Orc. The Orc is probably a better bet, as with the proper strategy, the Orc will be able to take two hits from the boss before needing healing, while the Dwarf likely won't be able to take enough hits to make up the difference in damage. Also, the Orc's damage boosting trait will maximize the gains from worshipping Dracul.

The Pactmaker isn't very useful in this dungeon. The only other god to choose from is Dracul, and he's very stingy with piety. You'll need every bit of piety that you can get from Dracul to buy the boons that you'll need to win, too.

The key to this dungeon is managing level catapults while using the fewest possible number of potions, getting Dracul and acquiring enough piety to worship Blood Hunger at least once (but preferably twice), and maximizing piety gain so that you can also acquire Blood Shield, one level of Blood Tithe, and at least one (but preferably two) levels of Blood Swell.

With this setup, most of the blood pools remaining, and a select number of monsters kept around for Lifesteal regen-ing, the player should easily be able to overwhelm the boss. This setup is pretty expensive, though; in total, it would cost 165 Piety. This is possible, but difficult. Tips on getting this much Piety:

  1. Once you hit level 9, there will quite likely not be enough monsters left to naturally get a level-up. At this point, take the boon Blood Curse. This won't have an effect on gameplay one way or another, but it will give you 20 piety.
  2. Save every single health potion that you can get your hands on. Dracul punishes their use, and you can't afford to lose piety with him. However, each potion converted will be worth 5 piety. This will give you 20 piety if you didn't use any health potions, and 25 if you bought a health potion from the apothecary.
  3. While you should avoid drinking too many blood pools, so as to leave plenty of life regen for taking on Midas, it is worth mentioning that each blood pool drunk will give 4 piety.
  4. Killing a monster is worth 2 piety. Lifestealing it will give you one additional piety. This will add up.
  5. If you find Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH or Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP, make sure that you are worshipping Dracul before you convert them. Either one is worth 10 piety.

Convert all glyphs with the exception of Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ as soon as possible. This goes double for the Orc; the base damage bonus will cause your attack to rise very quickly.

One final tip: you will likely have enough gold to purchase one or two small items in addition to the Ritual of Midas. Be very careful: if you have to dip into the Golden statues for money, your run will be much more difficult. The single best starting item for this dungeon would be the Item: Pendant of Health Pendant of Health. At level 1 or 2, this will make taking on monsters 2 or 3 levels higher possible, and will make your run much more successful.