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The Church is a building that houses the holy men and women of Desktop Dungeons. Initially only the Priest is available (at a cost of 150). Further upgrades later unlock the Monk and Paladin classes as well as the ability to prepare religions.


Level 1

  • Cost: 150g
  • Provides:

Level 2

  • Cost: 1000g
  • Provides:
    • Class: Monk unlocked
    • Altars: Allows you to start preparing altars.
    • Monster: Unlocks the ? monster and adds it to your base monster pool.

Level 3

  • Cost: 2000g
  • Provides:
    • Class: Paladin unlocked
    • Additional Altar: Once all the religions are unlocked, spawns a third altar in the dungeon.
    • Monster: Unlocks the dragonspawn monster and adds it to your base monster pool.


Like other class buildings the Guild provides unique class challenges (bronze, silver, and gold) for each class.

Class Challenge Level Reward Description
Priest Bronze 150g The Deadites Dive into a dungeon filled with a multitude of Zombies and a Warlock boss.
Silver Item: Stone Sigil Stone Sigil The Evil Zombie
Gold ?? ??
Monk Bronze 250g Meat Beat
Silver Item: Martyr Wraps Martyr Wraps ??
Gold ?? ??
Paladin Bronze 350g Path of Light
Silver Item: Agnostic Collar Agnostic Collar ??
Gold ?? ??
  • You must beat all 3 golds for the veto slot.