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Regular Races

There are seven regular races, each of which can convert items and glyphs (magic spells/skills) into a different permanent bonus.

Race Points Conversion Unlock Strategy
Human 100 +10% Damage Bonus Start Great for any class; most well-rounded option
Elf 70 +1 Max Mana Complete your first dungeon Amazing spellcasters; works very well for melee classes if you can find HALPMEH or CYDSTEPP glyphs
Dwarf 80 +1 max HP per level (recalculates) Complete your first dungeon Works well with items that restore a percentage of HP (unlike HALPMEH).
Halfling 80 +1 Healing Potion "Find the Halfings" quest Superb thieves, can make excellent use of the Trisword
Gnome 90 +1 Mana Potion "Find the Gnomes" quest Great for thieves, bloodmages, and anyone that can stack a high max mana from other bonuses
Orc 120 +1 Stacking† Base Damage Good for classes with high damage bonuses, like Rogues and Berserkers. Especially good if you can get a lot of conversion points.
Goblin 85 +5 + 1 Stacking† Experience Extra experience at will makes leveling up to heal much easier. Works well if you save a lot of conversion points for the boss.

† Stacking means the first conversion adds +1, the second adds +2, the third adds +3 and so on.