What is Mathstermind?

  • Play through an infinite series of puzzles of ever increasing complexity, including the truly brain-busting “Genius Mode”
  • Collect a bevy of achievements as you master math, to master Mathstermind (try saying that 20 times fast!)
  • Comprehensive tutorial and tailored difficulty progression ease you in and get you solving puzzles in double-quick time

Built for Flash Lite 2.1 enabled cellphones, Mathstermind is all about math and making the concepts behind it easier to understand. Skills essential to mathematical literacy are given a fun setting: this is no boring classroom exercise, this is a game! Once you’ve mastered a particular type of problem in Mathstermind, those skills transparently become part of your arsenal and the challenge increases.

Mathstermind was built for Mindset:Learn in an effort to bring fun games with real educational value to people on their mobile phones. You can read up on the project’s results to see how MathsterMind did, there’s a full report knocking around somewhere as well…

Mathstermind Screenshots

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