07 Apr 10

Desktop Dungeons interview on GameSetWatch

A few weeks ago, I sat down (metaphorically) with John Harris, the gent who writes GameSetWatch’s @Play roguelike column. It was about 4am at the time, and we had a cool little chat about Desktop Dungeons and anything else that immediately sprung to mind.

That cool little chat has now been published in all its indie glory on GameSetWatch for people to read and enjoy. So go forth! Learn about the inner workings of a horribly confused game developer’s mind! Experience the excitement and danger of crafting a puzzle-style tribute to the roguelike genre! Answer all of life’s important little questions, such as why the goo tribute in-game seems to refer to World of Goo, yet mysteriously gets drawn like Gish’s tarball!

Edit: The interview has since been reposted on Gamasutra.

(Above is a quick DD goat sketch from Miktar Dracon. It has nothing to do with the interview, but it’s totally awesome regardless.)

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