48 Hour Games

For the last 2 years the QCF Design team has been taking part in the 48 hour Global Game Jam. The games made here are rough (given the extreme nature of the deadline) but still quite fun to play, even if they are mostly proof-of-concepts.
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Colgate Smile Protector

Mobile advergame commissioned by Colgate-Palmolive SA to coincide with Oral Health Month. Players keep a virtual mouth clean to win airtime.
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Desktop Dungeons

If a puzzle game slept with a rogue-like, you’d get Desktop Dungeons. Then you wouldn’t be able to do anything else because you’d be too busy playing it.
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Guerrilla learning mobile game designed to let players enjoy a new take on Master Mind while happening to get better at the South African Grade 10 maths syllabus.
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Completely randomly generated Hack & Slash Rogue-like SHMUP. In space. Prototype earned a spot in the top 20 in DreamBuildPlay 2008.
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Tropika SupaKick

Mobile advergame for Clover SA. One-button foozball game, playable on the web as well. Win the tournament to get airtime.
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