28 Apr 11

Be prepared!

Guess you should have signed up for that suspicious-looking insurance policy after all.


In addition to gold being used for Kingdom upgrades (as well as a more limited form of spending within dungeons themselves), smaller amounts of money can be spent on carefully controlled dungeon preparations.

The previously-discussed adventuring locker is one such preparation, allowing players to carry a saved item into fresh dungeon runs for a fixed fee. But there’s many more to be discovered as players upgrade their kingdoms and learn about new buildings. Like other aspects of the game, preparations are designed to range from beginner-friendly helpers to subtle (yet powerful) boosters that more advanced players will find useful. More…

14 Apr 11

The Desktop Dungeons Adventuring Locker

Locker items: never go dungeoneering without an eating utensil again!

Imagine this: you’re just wandering around on a merry ol’ dungeon run somewhere when you happen to stumble upon a shop selling the Orb of Zot, the Amulet of Yendor or something similarly rare and powerful. Unfortunately, the dungeon you’re in isn’t particularly challenging, and you lament the fact that such an uncommon occurrence is completely wasted on killing a boring old goblin lord. If only there was some way you could buy the item now and take it into the golem factory for your Wizard run later!

Well, as it so happens,┬áthe commercial version of Desktop Dungeons is going to have you covered. As mentioned in our earlier post, the brand-new locker system will allow players to store a limited number of items at the Adventurers’ Guild between dungeon runs, while charging them some sort of bureaucratic nonsense fee based on their market value.

What does this mean for the game? Behold: More…

07 Apr 11

How do I economy? Wat is gold?

… and that’s why you should always explore subdungeons.

The freeware version of Desktop Dungeons has always been hampered by a slightly bothersome gold carryover system. People have complained of its grindalicious nature, and it is indeed a rather weak design element — after all, one of our key desires was to avoid letting players bore themselves by mining for resources in a time-consuming way that wasn’t particularly difficult or rewarding.

In the fresh new version of DD that we’re working on, the economy has already undergone significant improvements, keeping much more in line with our original goals while hopefully avoiding some of the pitfalls: More…

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