10 Feb 11

Enemy sprites and interviews

Last week I lobbed a couple of pics of the hastily-thrown-together tileset editor at twitter. This week I’ve been getting the new graphics into the game, witness a test dungeon:

The new tilesets give the player slightly more information about the dungeon.

Lurk’s been doing an amazing job with the monster and character sprites, if the interface didn’t still look like a coder’s breakfast, you’d see how much the Rogue sprite looks like his portrait… Yes, we’re still using some of the old sprites as placeholders for now. I would have finished changing those by now if we hadn’t been busy being interviewed so much:

P.S. I can’t believe we forgot to blag about The Last Fleet being selected as a Gamesauce Challenge winner! Marc and Rodain were thence invited to Casual Connect Europe (which is just about to end) but we’re running a little low on Out of Africa money, so one of the runners-up got to go instead.

03 Feb 11

Desktop Dungeons hits Mac (tentatively)

Yup, after battling with GM for OSX on and off, we’ve managed to reach a reasonably stable point. It’s basically the same version of the alpha that’s available for PC, but now you can play it on your Mac doohickeys! (No, that doesn’t mean DD on iPhone – you’ll have to wait for the full version for that).

Grab Desktop Dungeons v0.15 for Mac here, at this very link. Note that some testers have complained about slowness and that one or two tilesets may look a little off. We’ll post fixes as soon as we find them (or all you Mac-people whip up new tilesets!)

P.S. If you download the game and suddenly it’s tomorrow, you may want to take a look at the IGF Audience Awards and do that thing we spoke about.

P.P.S @Brandonnn Points out that you can use the CTRL+scrollwheel macro to zoom in and prevent eye-strain.

01 Feb 11

Greetz from Cape Town, GGJ 2011!

Click for enlarged version!

I wrote a post yesterday about this year’s Global Game Jam, and some pictures just swung in from Kyle Findlay, a friend of ours who was judging at the event. Here’s a group shot for y’all: we’d like to say “howzit” on behalf of all the Cape Town jammers this year!

A few more thingies after the jump …


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