22 Mar 11

What we learned at the GDC: Indies

It’s probably not possible to really convey the impact of coming to something like the GDC from the rather sparse game development environment of South Africa. We all had our eyes opened, our cherries popped, our minds blown and further variations on that theme. There was also a lot of handshaking. Then there was nerd-flu…

Here’s something we learned at the GDC:

1. Indie devs are awesome.

You have no idea how awesome. Seriously. Every single indie dev we met over the course of the week was literally amazing. Being surrounded by people like us is something that we’re just not used to, but are definitely feeling the lack of right now. More…

07 Mar 11

IGF: Desktop Dungeons wins Excellence in Design

We did it! At this year’s Independent Games Festival awards (against all odds, expectations and core laws of existence) we managed to snag an award for Excellence in Design.

From left to right: Beardy McViking, Hatty “Fedora” Hat and Scary Drunkard. Also pictured: an award

Yeah, this all happened on Wednesday, but we’ve really really only just been able to spend enough quality time with our laptops to make this post right now (touring and pressing and marketing and celebrating takes its toll, yo). More…

02 Mar 11


OMG, we’re at the GDC! Besides having the time of our lives meeting hordes of our internet heroes, challenging people at Metagame and freaking out over how much random things cost in Dollars, we’ve managed to sneak in a few solid days of development. Behold the build that people will be able to play in the IGF pavilion at the GDC expo tomorrow:

Wondering what the crap’s going on there? You’ll have to wait till someone plays the new hard levels and moans about plants.

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