screen_1Made at the 2013 Global Game Jam, this was one of the first things that leapt to mind after the ‘heartbeat’ theme was announced. A couple of other ideas were tried, but this one persisted, and about 24 hours in, we decided to just dive in and see how it felt. We quite like the outcome :)Art by the talented Dorianne Dutrieux

Download : DisChord


In response to the “Ouroboros” image theme of GGJ 2012, we tried our hand at a simple RTS based around gathering, directing and recycling armies of particles to attack and destroy the opposing player’s base beacon. The game hinged on two core cycles: the constantly shifting colour wheel of the beacons that you based your armies around, and the never-ending “life cycle” of the particles themselves. A little difficult to figure out at first, but people had fun playtesting once they got into it.

Made with Richard Baxter and Kyle van Duffelen.

Space Beacon Particle Strategy Game on the Global Game Jam

The Last Fleet

For the 2011 Global Game Jam, we were given the theme “Extinction” … so we proceeded to craft a game with only the most tenuous lik to the theme. The Last Fleet is about the last surviving humans running away from an ominous Death Cloud, that consumes planets in its path … and seems to have a taste for humans. Your job as the fleet commander is to balance the resources of Fuel, Cheese, and Population, while trying to remain ahead of the impending doom.
Art by Luke Viljoen (Tasty Poison Games)

Download : The Last Fleet (Windows)
Download : The Last Fleet (Mac)

The Last Fleet on the Global Game Jam


When the Global Game Jam 2010 announced that its theme was “deception”, the QCF Design team set out to make a game that fooled the player, or where the player fooled the game. In the end, we came up with a game where you fool a detective after committing a murder … and the whole thing plays out in sequences of flashbacks that happen in reverse as you try to weave a web of lies.

Download : YouDunnit

YouDunnit on the Global Game Jam

48 Hour War

Made for the Global Game Jam 2009, 48 Hour War was designed for the phrase “As long as we’re together we’ll never run out of problems” and a theme word of “patriotism”.

This naturally caused us to create a game about war and aid relief where nobody comes out well.

Download : 48 Hour War

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