30 May 11

Desktop Dungeons: now with actual variety!

Yeah, this situation doesn’t look suspicious at all.

I’ve always felt a little bit guilty about the latter portion of freeware DD’s game progression: in terms of raw challenge, it was good giving players a few extra dungeons to bang their heads against, but the core gameplay never changed quite enough for it to be pronounced “good design”. It was more like simple difficulty escalation: people completed X, they wanted more, so we gave them Y with an extra boss and they were only allowed to hurt monsters by chest-bumping them.

The freshly-established code base in the Unity version was built with far more flexibility in mind, and it’s a lot easier to add variety in dungeons. Now it’s not just a matter of creating more difficult dungeons with one or two extra enemies: we can change terrain layouts, spawn numbers and even starting gear. We can even code special scripted rules on a per-dungeon basis to shake things up, though this has to be done with care.

Read on for a more detailed description of our changes, along with a bunch of screenshots — just please excuse the repetitive graphics, we’ve only got one terrain tileset loaded up at the moment! More…

24 May 11


If you’ve been reading up on previous posts, you may have realised two things: one, we don’t update this blog nearly as often as we should (er, sorry about that). Two, we’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on changing the way that Desktop Dungeons manages the player’s items.

Potions are just some of the things affected by our changes. Because they now take up precious inventory slots (along with every other item in the game), we’ve introduced a new helper to make the player’s chemical loadout far more varied and powerful.

Meet the Witch:

This kitten was found on Google. Hopefully we’ll have real witch graphics soon.


16 May 11

DD will be at E3!

Thanks to the fine folks at IndieCade, Desktop Dungeons is going to be making an appearance at E3 this year! The game will be at the IndieCade stand as part of their curated indie showcase (which just sounds totally posh). So if you’re heading to E3, come find Desktop Dungeons in the West hall: You might not meet us (we’re still trying to figure out how we could afford the trip) but we promise we’ll have something new for you to play!

Speaking of affording things and official announcements, it’s time we let you all know about something we’ve been working on for the past few months: We should be ready to start taking pre-orders for Desktop Dungeons on PC and Mac in the next couple of weeks. We could talk about the annoyances of accepting credit cards in Africa, but we figure you’d rather hear about the cool stuff:

  • We’ll be launching a new Desktop Dungeons focused website, just for the game.
  • Along with a dedicated QCF forum for feedback.
  • And because you’re going to need something to feed-back to us about: The Desktop Dungeons beta will be available soon afterward to pre-order customers!

I still can’t believe our game’s going to hit both the GDC and E3. That’s childhood dream territory…

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