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Each of the main 12 classes have three challenges for you to conquer. They come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold challenges. Completing a Silver challenge unlocks an item, and for every 3 Gold challenges you complete, you can veto one item, preventing it from appearing in a shop.

You cannot earn any gold in class challenges.

List of Class Challenges

Name Challenge Flavor Text Boss(es) Monsters Restrictions
Bleat It Fighter Bronze Challenge Gorgons have broken into the Kingdom's petting zoo, spreading madness and petrification. Fight your way through the enraged goats and put an end to the gorgon leader! No preparations allowed
Toe-to-toe Fighter Silver Challenge A particularly troublesome djinn thinks it's being smart by harassing our northern caravans with illusion magic and wild beasts. Mere guards cannot hope to defend against this: this matter needs someone made of sterner stuff. Blacksmith allowed
The Arena Fighter Gold Challenge Okay Fighter, it's time to do what you do best! Can you survive the trails of the Quaking Arena and emerge as champion? Blacksmith, Apothecary, Alchemist allowed
RAWR! Berserker Bronze Challenge AAARGH? RWARR! RASHURFASURRWARANKASDG! No preparation allowed
Again! Again! Berserker Silver Challenge RWARWRUURGAR! (*mouth-froth*) Blacksmith allowed
[[]] Berserker Gold Challenge ' allowed
Terror Begins Warlord Bronze Challenge The great and terrible Bleaty has ravaged our lands for too long. Only a hero capable of defying death itself can stand up to him and rid us of this bearded terror! No preparation allowed
Terror Grows Warlord Silver Challenge Your sleep has become fitful, and your dreams torment you. Your battle against the terrible Bleaty did not end in his lair ... you can feel it. A strange force compels you to go adventuring in the south. Thief Den, Mage Tower allowed
[[]] Warlord Gold Challenge ' allowed
The Dark Project Thief Bronze Challenge In the Kingdom's seedy criminal underworld, not even the faintest whispers of fortune remain unheeded. It is said that Lord Sillyname possesses a mighty and unique treasure, and it is your plan to take it. No preparation allowed, Human only
The Metal Age Thief Silver Challenge You've infiltrated Lord Sillyname's castle, but the keep is swarming with well-equipped guards. You'll have to be superbly opportunistic if you want to get through this situation alive. No preparation allowed, Human only
Deadly Shadows Thief Gold Challenge You've decided to lay low in the depths of Sillyname's keep, but now is the time to claim your prize -- and your acclaim as a master thief. No preparation allowed, Human only
Going Rogue Rogue Bronze Challenge A group of renegades has been discovered near one of the Kingdom's outlying villages. Military forces are being sent to clear the camp, but there's always room for an opportunistic hero to sneak in first. No preparation allowed
Wrath of Midas Rogue Silver Challenge A map you claimed from the bandit camp highlights what appears to be the primary outlaw stronghold. You have a nose for opportunity. You also have a nose for danger. Right now, the air stinks of both. Thief Den, Alchemist, Apothecary, Dracul prep allowed
[[]] Rogue Gold Challenge ' allowed
Winter of Coming Assassin Bronze Challenge A cruel and powerful troll-beast patrols the Eastern Peaks, terrorising local settlements and stealing people in the night. Now warrior can stand up to the creature, but a quick blade and silent feet may just prevail. No preparation allowed
Creeplight Contract Assassin Silver Challenge It seems that your prowess in the Eastern Peaks has attracted the attention of some important people. A local lord whose family was slain by the Creeplight death cult has asked you to accept his revenge contract. The conditions stipulate thoroughness above all else -- all creatures must be slain. Bazarr allowed
In Cold Blood Assassin Gold Challenge The ultimate assassin's challenge awaits you. One of your own kind, a veteran stalk known as "Draugi", has discarded the vows of the fellowship to carve out an icy kingdom in the east. Stop the oathbreaker, and you'll be greatly rewarded. No preparation allowed
[[]] Priest Bronze Challenge ' No preparation allowed
[[]] Priest Silver Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Priest Gold Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Monk Bronze Challenge ' No preparation allowed
[[]] Monk Silver Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Monk Gold Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Paladin Bronze Challenge ' No preparation allowed
[[]] Paladin Silver Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Paladin Gold Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Wizard Bronze Challenge ' No preparation allowed
[[]] Wizard Silver Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Wizard Gold Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Sorcerer Bronze Challenge ' No preparation allowed
[[]] Sorcerer Silver Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Sorcerer Gold Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Bloodmage Bronze Challenge ' No preparation allowed
[[]] Bloodmage Silver Challenge ' allowed
[[]] Bloodmage Gold Challenge ' allowed