What is Colgate Smile Protector?

  • As food starts to collect between teeth, you need to group it and clear it to keep the smile shining.
  • Powerful combo mechanic pays off strategic play.
  • 4 powerups: brush, floss, rinse and super clear help you keep the mouth clean.
  • Beating the various stages of the game allows you to win airtime rewards.
  • Entering a Colgate barcode will unlock Endless Mode, in which the game gets harder over time.

Colgate Smile Protector is a drop style puzzle game. Food collects between two teeth and you are charged with grouping and then clearing the buildup with special toothpaste blocks.

The Game features a combo mechanic for clearing successively larger groups, so playing strategically is to your advantage. It also features a powerup system with 4 unique powerups: A brush that clears the top layer of buildup; Floss, which clears a whole column of buildup; Rinse that defeats and repels plaque; and a Super Clear that will get rid of all food of a certain type.

Commissioned by Colgate to highlight ‘Oral Health Month’ 2009, the game lets players win airtime when they unlock achievements and oral health messages.

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