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The Mage Tower is a building that houses the magicians of Desktop Dungeons. Initially only the Class: Wizard Wizard is available (after a cost of 150 Gold Pile Icon 18.png to build the building). Further upgrades later unlock the Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer and Class: Bloodmage Bloodmage classes as well as various preparation unlocks.


Level 0 - Tower Foundation

A magical foundation laid down for what could eventually be a Wizards' Tower.

This piece of the Kingdom has been staked out by a group of mystics for its arcane geographic properties and whatnot. In the proud tradition of wizards everywhere, they haven't actually done anything with it yet.

Cost to upgrade: 150 Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Level 1 - Wizard School

Behold, the single storey Wizards' Tower!

This is a humble magical abode. Its inhabitants regularly complain about the height, as their pointy hats tend to scrape against the ceiling.

Cost to upgrade: 1000 Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Class: Class: Wizard Wizard unlocked

Level 2 - Tower Of Magic

A well-developed 'Towyer of Wizardrie and Arcane Magick Thinges'. It's impressively tall, which is how they like it.

The mystics of this tower regularly enjoy exploding things in the name of progress -- it's jolly good fun between sessions of serious arcane investigation.

Cost to upgrade: 2000 Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Class: Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer unlocked

Flame Magnet: Grabs the Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ Glyph from the dungeon and puts it in the player's inventory. If no such Glyph exists, a random one is selected.

Fewer Glyphs: Removes one Glyph from the dungeon, but the conversion values of Glyphs are increased.

Extra Glyph: Adds one Glyph to the dungeon, but the conversion values of Glyphs are decreased.

Monster: Unlocks the Monster: Goat Goat monster and adds it to your base monster pool.

Level 3 - Sky Tower

This tower isn't just tall, it's LEVITATING. The residents are horrendously smug about it.

The magnificent sky tower that the wizards call home is -- suitably enough -- quite inaccessible to anyone without the power of flight. This doesn't prevent the occasional hornet from flying in and causing widespread wizardly panic.

Class: Class: Bloodmage Bloodmage unlocked

Extra Attack Boosters: Adds two Attack Boosters to the dungeon.

Extra Mana Boosters: Adds two Mana Boosters to the dungeon.

Extra Health Boosters: Adds two Health Boosters to the dungeon.

Monster: Unlocks the Monster: Golem Golem monster and adds it to your base monster pool.


Like other class buildings the Guild provides unique class challenges (bronze, silver, and gold) for each class.

Challenge Preparations Description Reward
Wizard Bronze ChallengeWizard Bronze Challenge Magic, Woo! None Ancient texts report a great and mysterious source of magical power in the Deadly Death Bog. Unfortunately, a barbarian class has constructed an impenetrable stone fortress on the site and reportedly 'hates all of that magic stuff'. 150 Gold Pile Icon 18.png
Wizard Silver ChallengeWizard Silver Challenge Malfunctionarium Mage Tower After a few more futile attempts at correctly translating the ancient text, you decide that there's only one place that can unlock the true secrets of such a garbled script: the aptly-named Malfunctionarium. It can only be hoped that nothing will go horribly wrong while you're there. Item: Mage Plate Mage Plate
Wizard Gold ChallengeWizard Gold Challenge The Golem Factory None Up for some glory, wizard? Seek out the golem factory hidden in the Alphae Nostalge mountains and prove your mettle as a spellcaster! Return Slot*
Sorcerer Bronze ChallengeSorcerer Bronze Challenge Bloo Hoo None The blobby, sentient jellies known as the Bloo Goo have been studied as a magical curiosity for a very long time. Your Kingdom's mages believe that they've discovered something new and valuable about these creatures, but they'll need to collect some fresh samples. 250 Gold Pile Icon 18.png
Sorcerer Silver ChallengeSorcerer Silver Challenge Damp Darkness Blacksmith, Mage Tower Examining the Bloo Goo itself has provided little information, but evidence points to a nearby flooded tomb that may hold the answers you seek. Item: Blue Bead Blue Bead
Sorcerer Gold ChallengeSorcerer Gold Challenge Deep Magic None The tomb goes deeper, and the power of the Bloo Goo grows. There's a darker secret being kept here, you're certain, but you'll have to deal with the tomb's increasingly mysterious guardians if you want to uncover it. Return Slot*
Bloodmage Bronze ChallengeBloodmage Bronze Challenge A Taste None Those who seek the darkest of power can only rise by stepping on those who have failed before. You are ready to begin treading the path. Be wary of the sacrifices you must make ... and be strong enough to accept the rewards. 350 Gold Pile Icon 18.png
Bloodmage Silver ChallengeBloodmage Silver Challenge Bloodsoaked Blade Mage Tower, Blacksmith and Bazaar It is said that the druids of the western forest guard a sinister artifact, stolen long ago from the sanctum of Dracul the Undying and hidden from those who would use it for evil. The opportunity to study this blade cannot be passed up, and it has been decided that you'll clear a path through Havendale to find it. Item: Vampiric Blade Vampiric Blade
Bloodmage Gold ChallengeBloodmage Gold Challenge Bloody Victory None You have the blade, but you'll need to cover your tracks. It is said that one of Dracul's champions has been carving a bloody swathe through the west in search of this very weapon -- you must seize the opportunity to destroy your opponent before it realizes that you've become the target. Return Slot*

  • You must beat all 3 golds for the Return Slot.